(No, I know the image here has absolutely nothing to do with the title of this post or most of the content of it, but it does tie in with the last paragraph, I don’t have any pics from the one real event of the day, and you probably wouldn’t like to see a titular picture.)

Seriously, every time Fawkes and Phoenix seem to be on the verge of consistently sleeping well, we get a night or two of bad sleep. Last night they were both awake a little after 11:00 with no signs of going back to sleep, unless kicking and flailing and making noise is a sleep sign we missed. Same thing happened just a little bit ago tonight, too, although at least this time Phoenix had the excuse of having produced a Phoenix nugget.

(Why don’t I refer to them as Phoenix eggs? That makes so much more sense.)

Phoenix was then up this morning at 5:13. I tried to settle him down until 5:30 then brought him into our room, thinking maybe he’d settle down if he slept with me and Tristen. Tristen took him pretty quick and got him to settle down after a few minutes. We might have had a good 30 minutes of sleep the rest of the night-morning.

Their sleep schedule was off pretty much the whole rest of the day. Despite being obviously tired at times, I don’t think they slept more than an hour at a time. Good times.

On a nicer note, Tristen was off today. Torrie came by and picked her and MIlly up and after picking Sebastian up from school they went to one of those pottery painting places. Hot Mess, I think it’s called. They seemed to have a good time. They had lunch at Chick-Fil-A and brought a sandwich home for me.

I had a conversation with Milly today that I found entertaining. It went something like this:

Milly: Is this your galaxy remote?
Me: Galaxy remote? (Thinking of a Galaxy phone or something.) No. I’m not sure what you mean.
Milly: When you were looking it up on Amazon you did a search for “galaxy remote.”
Me: I typed in “Vizio.” It’s for the TV.
Milly: I remember you typing in “galaxy remote.”
Me: (Lightbulb) Do you mean “universal remote?”
Milly: Oh.

I had ordered a universal remote for a TV Laura gave me because I couldn’t access the menu with the remote that came with it (which was another universal remote, but the notes in it said the menu buttons don’t work with all models, so what was the point in that?)

Milly and I had another conversation earlier in the day, this one about babies. I used to tell her they came from Wal-Mart and I think at one point I said they come out of belly buttons, but we just had babies you know, and so we’ve talked a little about it here and there. It kind of flowed from the conversation we were having, and she’s old enough that I didn’t feel the need to say anything silly anymore. Well, she knows for sure they don’t come from Wal-Mart now. “That’s gross,” was her response. Keep thinking that way for as long as you like, kid.

I did get some work done, and I made some progress on a largish project I’m working on with my former boss, Scott, and Autumn, a graphic designer he works with sometimes.

There wasn’t a ton more to the day today. Milly and I watched a Face Off after dinner. It was one where they had to a design based on sea monsters and featured some really good ones. I think Mel is going home. If I remember correctly, she did really well the season before when she was on, but she’s had a few stinkers this season and the competition is getting tougher. Actually, the next episode has already aired, so I suppose I could find out, but despite this paragraph being about a fifth of this whole blog post, I don’t actually care all that much.