Just under a year ago, our area got hit by Hurricane Florence. As I type this, Hurricane Dorian is skirting our coast. According to the newscast on the TV right now, it’s pretty much due east of Charleston, South Carolina, and heading northeast.

Wilmington is in the projected path, but the hurricane seems to be tracking a bit more east than was previously thought, which is good for us. That said, there have been tornadoes throughout the day and I just heard from Governor Roy Cooper that Wilmington has already seen nine inches of rain.

I haven’t been too worried about this one. It destroyed the Bahamas, camping out over the islands as a Category 5, but it’s currently a 2.

I took Fawkes and Phoenix for a walk this morning while it was nice out. Wanted to get them out of the house, keep them occupied and give Tristen a chance to pack whatever she wanted to take to her parents’ house. I ran into Johnny, who was out walking Freya, and we walked with them for a bit. I think they’re doing what we’re doing, with Torrie taking the boys to Nonny and Pappy’s and Johnny staying put. Going to be a very crowded house over there.

I talked to a few other neighbors I ran into. Some are staying, some are going to stay with family, but I didn’t talk to anyone who was leaving town.

Around 1:00 or so, I took Tristen and all the boys to her parents’ house. They installed a generator recently, so they’ll have power. If it goes out tonight I’ll head over there. As it is, I’m sitting around getting some uninterrupted (aside from doing this) work in.

I wasn’t sure if she’d make it over there. Her plan was to go before it got bad, but it got very rainy for a while after Griffin (then Fawkes and Phoenix) went down for a nap. I was doing some work training with Erin when the weather cleared up, so we hopped on over there as quickly as we could.

It actually started raining a little harder as soon as we stopped the car in the driveway, but it really wasn’t too bad. I helped unload the kids and some supplies, grabbed an orange Fanta, kissed everyone goodbye and headed on home.

Milly’s with Amanda. They’re hunkering down with Amanda’s guy friend, who has a generator. He’s also got a daughter close to Milly’s age, but I think Milly said she would be with her mom too, so she wouldn’t see her for a day or two. When I called Milly to check in on her she was playing Minecraft online with her buddy, Nour.

My mom called a couple times today. The first was to see if we were coming to stay with them as we did for Florence, and the second was to say, even though she said she knew nobody would take her up on it, that everyone in Tristen’s family was welcome to come stay with them. Since they moved and haven’t sold the old house yet, they’ve got tons of space available between the two houses.

But she’s right- we’re all just hunkering down for this one.

My cousin Jeff called this morning too. He was checking in on us, of course, but we chatted for a bit too.

Jason called. We generally talk a few times a week, but we’ve both been really busy and haven’t talked in several weeks. When I answered the phone I acted like I wasn’t sure who he was.

My dad also called just a little while ago to see how things were going.

Several people have asked how things are going on Facebook. We even got an invitation to stay with people in case we needed a place to get away to.

Still just a lot of rain here at this point. Just me and Magic (the cat, who I’m trying to keep inside), hanging out.