Okay, so it’s a little after midnight. And sorry for the crappy picture; it’s a still from a video and it was dark and rain was blowing sideways at me.

Anyway, the evening was mostly uneventful for me. I spent the time setting things up for a couple projects I’ve got going on.

Tristen didn’t have it quite so easy. Apparently all three of our boys were pretty difficult, even with her mom and Torrie helping out. We chatted a bit after she put the boys down and texted right before she went to bed. She’d have called, but she was in the same room as Griffin, who was asleep, and she didn’t want to risk waking him.

Tristen said the power had better go out. She followed it up saying she didn’t want me to be miserable, of course, but she wanted going to her mom’s house to be worth the effort.

It blinked at 8:44 and once or twice after that. Every time it went out, all the Alexa-enabled lights came back on at full brightness. I told her it would be a tough evening if the power blinks all through the night while I was trying to sleep. I ended up just flipping all the switches off so I wouldn’t have to keep turning them off when the power came back on. Of course, I don’t think the power has gone off since then.

My parents called and talked to me on speaker to see how things were going. At that point it was still just a bit of wind and rain. I laughed when my mom said something about it probably being worse there and my dad said skeptically, “I doubt it.” Just the matter-of-fact way he said it was funny to me.

When I got tired I decided to sit in the living room and turn something besides the weather on. I settled on the most recent of Robin Hood movies from last year starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx. I was in and out of it, but the main thing to me is this: Why do they keep having to mess with legends? Studios keep putting out spins on things like that and King Arthur. I can understand an update or a retelling to a degree, but why mess with so much of the story? And why does there have to be so much anachronism, particularly in style of dress?

Robin Hood should be swashbuckling and fun. King Arthur should have some mysticism and a bit of a boy becoming a great king leading his people to a golden age before it all crumbles down.

You know what I’d really love? I want HBO to do The Mists of Avalon. There’s plenty of action, death, sex, and Intrigue. Hell, there’s even incest, and all of that worked just fine for Game of Thrones.

What a tangent.

Anyway, I was about to fall asleep for good for the night when I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed a branch hanging from the roof. I turned on the backyard light and saw a nice-sized branch on the ground up against the house. That’s probably the noise I attributed to a thud I thought was in the front yard. I was mesmerized watching the branches of the tree in the middle of our backyard violently whipping around.

I checked out the front yard too, and it was like being in two entirely different places. Sure, there was some wind and rain, but nothing near the ferocity of the backyard.

Overall, I think the worst part of this was the tornadoes that sprang up this morning. There’s some extended power outage in the region and some flooding, but from what I can tell it hasn’t been too much worse than any other heavy rain we sometimes get around here.

Dorian has been skirting the coast ever since Florida, and looking at current tracking it’s possible that it won’t end up making landfall anywhere.