Here’s the extent of Hurricane Dorian’s damage to our property: The same branch that was down last night was still down. And there were some sticks in the yard. Oh, and I noticed a smallish branch in the bushes outside our kitchen window. The satellite TV, though it got a little messy a few times while I was watching that Robin Hood movie last night, didn’t ever go out for more than a minute, and that only happened a couple of times.

I took the drone out to check out a little bit of the neighborhood. My main goals were to check Johnny and Torrie’s place and the Hodge house. Both were fine, but as I was coming back down the street with it I ended up strafing into a tree. Took me a minute to find it, but aside form having a little mud and leaf spatter on it, it was fine.

After that I went over to Laura and Craig’s to pick up the family.

Tristen said she woke up when the generator kicked on when the power briefly went off, and then Griffin woke up around 1 and 5, but he didn’t go back to sleep after the latter wakeup session. Tristen put him down around 9:30 or so.

Fawkes was in a bit of a mood when we got back to the house. It was easy to make him laugh, but if he wasn’t laughing he was being irate. They went down just before 10, but Tristen was looking at the baby camera around 10:15 and Phoenix at least was still moving around.

Not a whole lot to report. I’ve been in thunderstorms that were worse than what we got here last night. The wind was pretty impressive at times, but our storm drains didn’t even get backed up.

I picked up sticks and the branch after all the boys went down. Tristen plucked a bunch of mistletoe off a branch and held it over our heads, so we did what you do when you’re standing under mistletoe, even though it’s nowhere close to Christmas. I mean, that doesn’t have to be a Christmastime-only thing, right?

I’ve talked or texted this morning with Milly (who is about to head back to her mom’s house), my mom, a couple neighbors, and a couple friends.

Tristen’s heading in to work in a bit. I told her to ask for time and a half, but he manager sent her a text saying, “Hahahahahahahaha.” Oh well, didn’t hurt to ask.