Just a Saturday in September

I took more video today than usual and I thought it would be nice to do a quick, simple edit in iMovie on my phone, so that’s what you’re seeing here.

I should back up a tad and mention a bit about yesterday. It’s really just more about how much Fawkes and Phoenix are beginning to talk. Tristen had all the boys outside yesterday and had them working on saying words like stick and bucket. I had them saying turkey at lunch. They’re saying more and more everyday, which is such a fun thing about this age.

There really wasn’t a lot to the day. I woke up around one in the morning with some stomach issues that ended up plaguing me throughout the day. I got up with the twins like usual, but they were a bit fussy when I first brought them to the playroom, so Tristen was up shortly after I was.

I don’t know what’s up with that lately; Fawkes and Phoenix getting angry when I set them down first thing in the morning. I used to have milk waiting for them, so maybe that would help, but particularly on days when they’re making noise in their room I want to get them out of there quickly, which precludes me going all the way across the house, getting their milk cups out, then coming back to get them.

At any rate, we just hung around the house for the morning. The twins didn’t go down until around 11:00 and didn’t get up until close to 1:00 I think.

I took a call from a long-time client while they were eating their lunch. I figured if he was calling on a Saturday it must be something important. He had an issue with updating a site for one of his clients and I fixed it in a couple minutes. It was kind of a weird issue, but I was able to figure it out pretty quickly. I told Tristen I wasn’t going to charge him for it- he pays me enough already and, as I said, I’ve worked with him a long time.

After lunch we all went to the Wrightsville Beach Park. It was a nice day out, but there isn’t a ton of shade there and the twins were soon red in the face. Griffin was able to stay in the stroller in the shade, so he was fine. Fawkes and Phoenix enjoyed playing around there though.

Afterwards we went to Costco, where I was dismayed at the lack of samples. I did get a chocolate eclair and a hydrating drink, which was good because I mainly felt thirsty. We also ran into Blake and Leslie and little Beau while we were there.

We came home and I got dinner ready for the big boys while Tristen took care of Griffin. After that we just hung out some more in the playroom. All the boys went down without much ado and Tristen and I spend the evening eating salad (and some veggie sticks and maybe a little bit of ice cream) and watching a few episodes of The Magicians followed by a bit of Deadpool 2, since it was on.

A note on our TV watching. With all the after hours work I do, we’re way behind on our TV shows. When we start one though, I like to go ahead and finish it up. It doesn’t help that other shows we want to watch keep coming out, like The Boys and Carnival Row. (Two Amazon shows, by the way, which is kind of funny because it’s Netflix shows more often than not.) And that doesn’t include other shows we haven’t watched like the latest season of Better Call Saul or the last two seasons of Legion.

Also a note on The Magicians. It’s based on a trilogy of books that Tristen and I read. The majority of the characters on the show are not at all how I imagined them from the books. It started off somewhat faithful to the source material, but then it went way off. At first I was kind of annoyed by it, but I’ve come to the understanding that, by and large, you have to look at adaptations as their own entity. Sure, the book is almost always better, and sometimes they stray really far. But once I got over my irritation at the changes, I came to enjoy the show. In fact, they’ve done some things on there that I thought were really innovative, like a show where two characters grow old together in a different world in the past. Of course, they were major character so they found a way to bring them back to their normal present selves, but they kept the memories of spending their lives together and it mattered to them. It’s not must-see TV, but I enjoy it.

Anywho, there wasn’t really much to the day, but it was a pretty nice day nonetheless.

In case you’re wondering what Milly was up to, she was at her mom’s this weekend. I texted with her a little bit yesterday just to let her know all was well with the house after Hurricane Dorian.