Today marks my babiest’s baby being in this world for half a year. It’s been a while since I’ve done any updates on the kids, so I figured this is a good opportunity to do just that.

First off, Griffin drools more than any baby I’ve ever known before. It’s a truly ridiculous thing.

Now, I’m going to go ahead and let you know I’m actually writing this after Griffin’s six-month birthday so I can tell you that he had a checkup with the doctor (we took all three boys; the older two got flu shots while Griffin got a booster as well as some vaccines). He’s always had this little bump on the inside of his lip, which we have since named Wesley. It turns out that Wesley may be triggering his saliva gland, which makes sense. Our doctor’s opinion is that it’s not harmful, but it should probably come out at this point as it’s gotten bigger, so we’ve been referred to someone to have a look at it.

Fin Fin is also rolling around a good bit. He’s grasping at things and can sometimes feed himself a bottle decently well.

We got him a bath insert a little bit ago and usually put him in there when Fawkes and Phoenix take their baths. It’s to the point that Phoenix points at him if he’s not in the bath with them, and when you ask if he wants Griffin to take a bath too he smiles and nods his head.

I don’t think I wrote about it yet, though I made a note to do it, but we’ve had him in the same room as Fawkes and Phoenix for about a week now. It’s gone pretty well. We dream fed him for a little while, but then we decided to just let him go and see how he did. He would wake up at some point during the night, but he got to where he’d fall back asleep. He also has a tendency to wake up very early in the morning, at which point Tristen will go get him and bring him into bed so as to not wake his brothers up. [Future note: He slept completely through the night on the night of October 18-19. Hoping he’ll continue to do that.]

Tristen has been feeding him rice cereal during dinner for some time.

Fawkes and Phoenix are continuing to develop pretty rapidly. Both can understand most of what you say, although they’re not very good at following directions too much yet. Fawkes is speaking a little more than Phoenix, but Phoenix is better at listening to you.

They are enjoying crayons now, although Fawkes tends to actually use them more while Phoenix has more fun putting them in a box. He’s a bit of an organizer in that he likes to pack things into containers.

Milly’s biggest news is that she auditioned for the role of the Genie in her school production of Aladdin… and got it! I went over lines with her yesterday and she’s already got a lot of it down. She’s very open to suggestions on how to deliver her lines, too. One thing I pointed out that’s really fun about the Genie is you get to really mix it up.

That’s about it for the kids right now.

I had an appointment to shoot some pictures and video at Summer Sands this afternoon. On most Thursdays, Torrie takes the twins and Laura comes by to get Griffin (and picks Sebastian up from his school later on), but she had a meeting this morning, so I picked up Sebastian and took him and Griffin to the beach to meet up with her. I was hungry and Sebastian wanted lunch, so we ate at Tower 7. I didn’t realize Laura’s meeting provided lunch, so when I told her we’d meet there I had assumed she’d be eating with us and didn’t order until she got there.

I spent the rest of the afternoon out there then picked up Sebastian and Griffin, dropped Sebastian off at Torrie’s, and met Tristen, who beat me there, with Fawkes and Phoenix at home.