Griffin’s got a tooth coming in, by the way. Tristen thought she saw it over the weekend, but decided it wasn’t an actual tooth, but we could feel it the next day. You still can’t see it very well, but it’s a-comin’.

Signed up for Disney+ a couple days ago. Woke up early yesterday morning, got to work, then remembered it was Disney+ launch day, so I installed it on our devices and watched a few minutes of The Mandalorian, but figured I should wait to watch it with Tristen. Has some good looking originals, but it’s mostly just fed the twins’ addiction to Stitch so far.

They love Lilo & Stitch, by the way. Tristen put it on for them some time back and they ask for it daily. Sadly, they can say “Stitch” better than just about any other word besides “Daddy.” (Sorry, Mama and Milly, or “Nineh,” as they say.)

They’ll call out to me sometimes. They’ve done it from the bathtub, first when I was taking Milly back to her mom’s last week I think, and tonight at dinner. (How could I not stop working and come to the dinner table when my baby boys are calling out to me?)

Tristen said Phoenix has called out to Fawkes too, though I haven’t heard him do that yet.

Seems like they’re saying some thing new every day, even if they’re not super consistent with it.

Fawkes had a huge poop this morning. Tempted to post a pic, but I probably shouldn’t. Smelled it and started to change the diaper, but as I pulled his jammies back it just kept going and going. Wiped a small bit then drug him suspended in the air to the bath. It was up to his shoulder, but part of that was probably from me taking off his pajamas. It was definitely over halfway up his back though.

Fawkes and Phoenix got really fussy around 10:45 so I put them down for a nap then. Fussed for a bit, but then they were out like a light. Griffin on totally opposite schedule from them.

Did some work with impeachment hearings on in the background. Historic times. Sadly, Republicans seem intent to ignore facts and circumstances and deflect or conspiracize. Just like everyone else, I think our president will be impeached by the House, but not removed from office by the Senate. Too many Republicans are just too entrenched in the Cult of Trump. Or, more likely, they’re just cowards because they’re afraid of the backlash from Trump supporters.

Took twins to Torrie’s when they woke up. Phoenix pulled away from me as I started to get him out of the van- he hates being dropped off, but he settled in real quick today.

Griffin and I went to Costco. Had to go because we ran out of formula. Met up with Blake and Beau, did some shopping, ate some hot dogs.

Came home and Blake stopped by because it was time to feed Griffin and he had been at the airport (practically in the neighborhood) and Beau needed feeding. Hung out for about 20 minutes until I had to go pick Milly up from play practice.

Milly played with all the boys more than she usually does, which was great. When she went into their room to say goodnight, Phoenix was trying to kiss her with his wide open mouth.

Milly and I sometimes do music when taking her back to her mom’s. Tonight was Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and One by U2. Listened to I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers on my way back. Tristen and I have planned to karaoke that at some point. I enjoyed thinking of how that would go. Also listened to Every Rose Has its Thorn by Poison (which I karaoked on my wedding night- Thanks, Erin!). Thought about how all my favorite 80’s and early 90’s (pre-grunge) songs by most any bands of the time are rock ballads.

Watched The Mandalorian, did a bunch of work.