Slept through my usual wake up time and woke up a little before 4, decided to start working. Griffin also decided to wake up at 4 and hamper work until Tristen had me bring him to her. She got him quieted and asleep pretty fast.

Twins up just before 7. I had just gone to the bathroom so Tristen woke up and got them. At least I had milk already poured for them.

Griffin slept a little later, but I had to get him up as I was taking everyone to Torrie’s. On Thursdays she usually takes the twins and Laura takes Griffin, but since I was volunteering at Milly’s school she let me drop Griffin off until Nonny came to get him. In exchange I took  Sebastian to school before picking up a bagel and heading to Milly’s school.

Really loved being there. Got to stay pretty much exclusively in Milly’s room. Proofed a bunch of writing assignments, which I enjoyed.

Chatted with Byron when I had a chance

Jumped rope at recess. Kicked my butt. Did 14 then 17 jumps: record over everyone else for the day.

Dropped Milly at Amanda’s after school.

Was able to follow up with some phone calls and do a little work before Tristen came home with all the boys.

Fawkes has hard to put to bed. Very energetic without the crib.

My parents were going to come tomorrow, but now aren’t. Mom’s been sick, Dad’s getting sick.

Trying new sleep/work schedule. Getting up really early instead of getting up at 1, working, then going back to bed.