With Fawkes’s newfound ability to get out of his crib, Tristen and I discussed converting the cribs into beds. We somewhat nonchalantly decided to go ahead and do that this weekend.

One bonus to going ahead and getting them acclimated to sleeping without a crib is that they should certainly be used to it by the time we take our trip to Cozumel in a few months.

We went to Costco, which was our big to-do for the day. We talked to my mom on the phone for nearly an hour, just chatting and catching up on things. She and my dad might come see us next weekend. They were are Andra and Josh’s a bit this past weekend.

Then I took care of feeding and bath time while Tristen decided to start converting the cribs to beds.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find all the right parts to convert both of the cribs and we didn’t want to let one of the boys have a bed and put the other on a mattress on the floor, so we decided to just go ahead and let them both have floor mattresses. Further, we decided to push the mattresses next to each other so they’re essentially sharing a bed.

They were very excited about the whole ordeal. And of course they didn’t fall asleep right away, which we expected. In fact, it was about 9:30 before they finally passed out.

They’re usually in bed around 7, but we’ve been trying to put them to bed a little later every day leading up to Daylight Savings Time. And it took us a while to get things taken apart and moved around in their room, so I don’t think we turned the lights off until around 8 or maybe a little later anyway.

Tristen and I spent a good bit of the night watching them on the monitor cameras, which was pretty entertaining for us. In case you want to know, Fawkes is in the solid shirt, Phoenix in the other one.

I’ve had a cough with a little congestion the past few days, so I took some nighttime medicine, worked until I was about to pass out, then fell asleep on the couch so as to not wake Tristen with any coughing or throat clearing. (And also the trundle storage from one of the cribs was taking up my half of the bed- we had crib parts strewn all over the house.)

I was vaguely aware of Tristen getting up and making formula at some point in the night, which means Griffin had been awake and she wasn’t able to get him to settle back down. She later told me, I think, that one of the twins had woken up and was upset, probably confused about where he was and what was going on, and was making noise at the door, which of course woke Griffin up. I did wake up around 1:00 and went to help. I tried to get the twins, who were wandering around the room while Tristen was feeding Fin Fin, to come cuddle with me in their bed. She switched with me after a bit and I got the baby to fall asleep until I put him in the crib. With the twins settled, Tristen opted to just put Griffin in bed with her.

I swear, that kid is so sleep spoiled.

But we didn’t hear from them again until I woke up at around 6:40. I got the twins up and Tristen came out with Griffin a few minutes later. I was still groggy from the medicine, but I wasn’t tired. She obviously was, so I told her to give me the baby and go back to bed, which she did for a while. She didn’t get up again until after they had breakfast, and probably would have slept longer if Phoenix hadn’t been fussing.

Fawkes and Phoenix were a bit cranky throughout the day until we went to a food truck rodeo at Ogden Park. We went last year, and just like last year with met up with Sam, Berk, and Curren there. The only difference is that we had Milly last year. And Jen and Byron weren’t there. And the spot we took up didn’t cosmically happen to be a gathering spot for a bunch of couples with young twins.

Tristen got some Poor Piggy’s BBQ and I got a pizza cone. We hung out and tried to talk with Sam and Berk a bit, but it’s tough with so many kids. Fawkes and Phoenix, particularly Phoenix, kept wanting to go to the pond and watch the geese (along with a bunch of turtles and a few ducks) parade back and forth.

On a side note, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to listen to the radio in the van again. Fawkes and Phoenix are already spoiled by the DVD player in the thing. Right now it’s had The Little Mermaid on repeat, since that’s one of the few cartoon movies we actually have on disc. It does have a place to input a USB device or an HDMI device, but I haven’t played with that yet.

Back home we tried to keep the kids busy. Tristen and I both felt exhausted, and she was kind enough to let me veg out while she fed them. I took care of the bath, then we both put them all to bed.

I chatted with Milly a bit. We FaceTimed, so she showed her friend Brynn, whose house she was at, her brothers.

Getting to bed tonight was much less of an ordeal than it was last night, although I couldn’t get them to really focus on reading any books. Still. we watched them after we put them down, and there was very little movement. The night is young yet though, so we’ll see how it goes. Although now that I think about it, nap time went well too, so maybe they’re already mostly over the novelty of their new sleeping arrangement.

Tristen took a trip to Target with Torrie. I ate some delicious Costco meatloaf and mashed potatoes from yesterday’s dinner and watched an episode of Bob’s Burgers then put the video at the top of the page together.