I’ve worked really odd hours the last couple nights. Sometimes I leave the TV on for some background noise. Tonight it was Goonies and last night it was Notting Hill. Griffin, who has this thing he likes to do where he wakes up at 2AM, watched a little bit of the latter with me the night before last.

Tristen mentioned the other day that Fawkes was climbing up on his crib recently. Today when I went to go get all the boys up from a nap, he was planking the corner of the crib. When I came in he looked at me and said something like, “Uh oh. Uh oh.” It wasn’t because I’d caught him trying to climb out of his crib, but rather because he was kind of stuck.

He managed to get himself back down into the crib, so I went to get my phone to take some video, which is what you see here.

You can’t really tell because I moved to support him to make sure he wasn’t going to fall, but all I did was touch him. Once his feet found the mattress from the outside of the crib, he was good to go. So he can totally get out of him crib now.

Phoenix isn’t quite there yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long. We’re thinking of converting their cribs this weekend, but we’ll need to move some things, like books, to make sure they don’t demolish their room.

So that was one shenanigan they got up to today. The other is what happened in the video at the top of the page. As you undoubtedly already know, they got into a bag of flour and made a huge mess. It was mostly contained to the kitchen, but it was spread to the playroom and the dining room a little as well.

So how did the Flour Fiasco happen?

When we get them up, sometimes we’ll let them walk from their room to the playroom themselves. The hallway between the dining room (which opens to the playroom) has a gate, as do the two entrances to the kitchen.

One of them, I think Fawkes because he was out of the bedroom first, went to the living room instead of the dining room/playroom. That’s not uncommon. They like to go and climb on the couch and grab either the Firestick or the DirecTV remote. They smile and giggle and think they’re so clever. Then they like to go get in my office chair and try to bang on my computer keyboard, which I don’t let them do.

At any rate, we were all in the living room for a minute then they went into the kitchen and started playing in there. They played with fridge magnets and trashed the recycling, which was all paper and cardboard, so I thought, hey, as long as they’re happy…

So I moved one of the gates to block off the kitchen/living room doorway and settled in to do some work.

Everything was fine, or so I thought, until I heard a ripping sound. At first I thought, “Probably just some paper from the recycling,” but it didn’t sound quite right.

I poked my head into the kitchen and saw, well, you can see what I saw in the video above. The boys were covered in flour, as was the floor. Things from the pantry were strewn about. They were trying to drink Stevia and almond extract and vanilla extract.

Unfortunately we had left the pantry door’s child safety lock unclasped.

I texted Tristen: “You love me, right?” She called almost immediately and I told her to FaceTime me so she could see what was going on firsthand.

Afterwards, I tossed Fawkes and Phoenix in a bath then got Griffin up, who was, thankfully, asleep during the whole debacle.

I tried to start cleaning up, but Phoenix was particularly clingy, so while I did get the big stuff done before Tristen got home, I wasn’t able to detail the floor or shake out the rugs until after she got back.

Later on in the evening when we were getting everyone ready for bed, Phoenix was on the floor and patted a spot next to him. I said, “Do you want Daddy to lay down with you?” and he put on this big grin and nodded his head. He does that a good bit lately, usually to get you to sit down next to him. It’s really sweet.

Tonight was one of the nights where I lay down next to Tristen on the couch and take a nap for a few hours. Tonight’s nap was a little shorter than most, but I did get up and do some work, as I do most of those nap-on-the-couch nights.