[Editor’s note: This is being written about a month and a half after the actual event.]

Fawkes and Phoenix had the privilege of celebrating their birthday on two different days in two different countries.

Their first celebration occurred while we were still on our vacation in Cozumel. They had picked up a number of fans throughout the week and we had put the word out that we were planning on doing a little celebration before we left.

We had to get them up from a nap to have time to do anything as we were leaving that day, which was its own ordeal of course. But we did make time and had it in the main restaurant area of the resort. They were given cupcakes to dig into and were visited by Martha and Abi. Fakes was particularly moody and scowled at everyone for a good bit, but as I said, he had just woken up.

The next day was their actual birthday. We were originally supposed to be back home the day before their birthday, but since our flight leaving Wilmington was delayed too long, we ended up pushing everything back one full day. Since neither of them so much as took a short nap on the ride from Cozumel to Dallas or the one from Dallas to Wilmington and we got in right about midnight, we had had a rough night.

Tristen had already taken the day off and I had put out a message before the trip that I wasn’t planning on working that day, though having been gone a week there was a bit for me to do, so while I didn’t take calls I did a bit to not stay too far behind.

The day was by and large mostly uneventful. I took Milly to school first thing. She did well for having been up late on the flights as well. We had been away from Griffin for a week, and he seemed happy to see us. We spent some time loving on him. There was a good bit of playing outside.

That evening we went to Tristen’s parents’ house for dinner and birthday cupcakes. Laura and Craig had just had a new back deck installed and we did the cupcakes out there. The first of many events we’ll have out there, I’m sure. Craig did have a Super Bowl party, but I’m guessing it didn’t mostly take place out there since that would generally involve watching a TV, and there’s no TV out there.

I forget what all we did get them, but I do remember there was some chalk. I mean, we got them more than just chalk, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. And there was the fact that we had just, ya know, taken them on an international vacation at an all-inclusive resort.

But happy happy birthday to my first two boys! I doubt you’ll remember the trip very clearly, but I do hope you at least have some vague memories of it. I know for a fact I’ll be asking you what your oldest memory is as you get older. I was almost two years old in my first memory that I clearly remember, so I know it’s possible.

I love you, Fawkes. I love you, Phoenix. I wish you happiness in all the years ahead of you.