The History of the Marshmallow Song


Griffin is a Walker

On weekends, Tristen and I generally take turns getting up with the kids. One will get up when we hear them, generally around 6:30, and the other will sleep in until around 8:30, 9:00. (Although last week Tristen stayed down until almost 10, but I figured if she was down that long, she needed it.) The other parent takes over after that and lets the first parent do what they need, like going to the bathroom. Whoever got up first will often go lie down for a while and get a little more sleep in if possible.

I told Tristen on Friday that I’d take Sunday, it being Mother’s Day and part of my gift to her being trying to give her as easy a day as possible.

So I got up with Fawkes, Phoenix, and Griffin. Milly was up and out of her room a few minutes later. On the weekends I’ll usually let them watch a movie first thing, and with it being Mother’s Day I thought I’d put on Brave.

I made pancakes for breakfast, as I often do on the weekend morning that I’m up. I made a couple for Milly with the last few chocolate chips we had. As I was getting that bag down I was considering what else we had that could make a “fun” pancake. Sprinkles, of course, but I also wondered what marshmallows in a pancake would taste like.

An aside on marshmallows:

A few years ago Tristen, Milly, and I were on the way to visit my parents. We stopped at the grocery store across from West Point on the Eno (I think it was a Kroger at the time, but is something else now?) and one of the things we needed to get was marshmallows. We split up- Tristen went to get a few things and Milly and I went to get a few things. One of the things on our list was marshmallows.

In order to remember what we needed I started singing a song. It went like this:

Marsh-mallow marsh-mallow…

It wasn’t until much later, probably a year or so, when Come and Get Your Love came on the radio (or maybe I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy) that I realized our song was to the tune of the opening of that song (although Marshmallow has one less note in it).

To this day, Milly and I will bust out in a rousing chorus of Marshmallow.

At any rate, the marshmallow pancakes were okay. A little sweeter is all, really.

I also finished off some blueberries in a few more pancakes.

Tristen was up a little before 9:00 and we gave her her Mother’s Day gifts, which were a card and a t-shirt. I’d ordered another gift but wasn’t expecting it until the next day.

Milly did a really nice job on the card if I do say so. Between the two of us we snuck the boys to her room to scribble their “names” throughout Saturday and that morning.

The shirt was on Tristen had put on her Etsy list. Neither of us noticed, however, that it was only sold in unisex and the smallest size was only a small, not an extra small. I mean, she can still wear it, but she’s not likely to very often as it won’t fit her the way she generally wears shirts. (Which is kind of tight, which, ya know, I approve of.)

Amanda picked Milly up somewhere between 9:15 and 9:30. Her birthday was yesterday and Mother’s Day was today, so it was nice of her to offer to let us have Milly through Sunday, since we’re getting less time with her than usual with the coronavirus stuff going on.

All the boys took a nap at 10. Normally that’s just Griffin, but Fawkes and Phoenix seemed legitimately tired and wanted to go down, so we let them, knowing it was likely to screw up the schedule for the day. It worked out well though, at least in the short term. ?

(Is that the first time I’ve used an emoji on this site?)

Torrie picked Tristen up and spirited her away (I had to say that because Tristen turned on Spirited Away that evening) to their parents’ house to do a lunch with their mom. They also stopped by Costco. I told her to take her time and not worry about rushing back to help with the kids.

Tristen had mentioned that all she wanted today was time to do some things around the house, like laundry. Milly and I folded some before Tristen woke up, but I missed a basket in the living room. I also cleaned up a bit here and there. I wanted to do more, but the boys kept me pretty occupied.

I did fix the fence the day before. Well, parts of it anyway. There’s this one section of our fence that lifted away to open up. It was sitting on hangers, one of which had rusted away and the other of which was bent. I had planned to just get better hangers for it, but then we decided to get hinges for it. I bought a hinge last week thinking it was a two-pack, but alas, it was not, so I got another hinge yesterday. Good thing too, because it was the last one left.

I also got a latch, reasoning that we couldn’t just put the other side on the hanger because we’d have to lift it up, which adding hinges wouldn’t allow, and if we let it just hang free it would become bent and get messed up pretty quick. The hinge will keep it in place better.

I also wanted to get a roller for the bottom of it so that when it is open the heavy side isn’t dragging down and messing up the hinges, but the hardware store I went to didn’t have any that would fit on the gate just right.

Anyway, it worked just fine. I know it was a simple thing to do, but I felt accomplished.

I called my mom late in the afternoon. Griffin and Phoenix were both being moody though, so my conversation was distracted and awkward.

Griffin’s been taking a lot of steps lately. He’ll stand up in the middle of the floor and shuffle here or there. Tristen said she saw him pick up and carry a toy drum, which is kind of an accomplishment. But he’s doing great standing up and regaining his balance when he gets wobbly. Late in the evening he walked halfway across the playroom.

I don’t think he’s 100% done with crawling, but as of today he can pretty much walk wherever he wants, so I’m saying he’s officially a walker.

I did end up taking a nap around 5. I thought it might be too late in the day to do a nap, but I was exhausted and Tristen encouraged me to do it, so I did. Figured I’d get in about an hour, but I ended up being out for an hour and a half, so I was up in time to help bathe the boys and put them down for bed.