I blearily woke up this morning to the sound of the kids being awake, but I saw that Tristen was already sitting up. I said something about how she can lay back down thinking about how I was planning on getting up to take care of the kids and she could take her turn Sunday, but she said her alarm had gone off a few times already.

“Guess she must have forgotten to turn her alarm off and now she’s awake anyway,” I thought as I rolled back over and fell back asleep.

She  gave me a kiss and I think I said something about making out, and then she said something else, maybe about the kids? I can’t remember. I was kind of out of it.

I woke up again right around 7:00. Fawkes was very upset, or at least that’s whose wailing cries it sounded like to me. It was the kind of cry he makes when we take the pacis away. We’re trying to work on decreasing their dependencies on them, so I thought maybe Tristen had taken his away. “Kind of rude to me to do that on a Saturday morning,” I thought. I was kind of annoyed.

Griffin was crying too. And then I noticed that there were bumps coming from their room.

“Why are they still in their room?” I wondered.

It went on for a few minutes and I told myself to try to ignore it, but I had thoughts going between being pretty annoyed that Tristen couldn’t placate the babies on my morning to sleep in because I try to do everything in my power to keep them quiet while she’s sleeping, to “Oh man, she must really need some help.”

So I got up, threw on some pajamas pants and a t-shirt, put on my glasses, put my phone in my pocket, took a quick trip to the bathroom, and headed out into the hallway. I looked on the baby monitor on my way out and was really surprised to see Griffin still in his crib and one of the boys by the door. I didn’t look long enough to see if both boys were in the room, but I was wondering, “Why TF are all the boys still in their room? Where is Tristen?”

Before getting them I wanted to find her to see if she was okay, but I couldn’t find her in the playroom, kitchen, or living room. I looked outside and saw that the Sorento was gone.

As I reached for my phone and started to call her, I had a bunch of thoughts go through my head.

Did she crack and leave?
Is she getting us some BoJangle’s? A sausage egg and cheese would be great. But why would she do that right now?
Did she have something planned with her mom or sister that I forgot about?
Did she get tired of it all and leave us?
Did something happen to someone and she went to go help out?

She answered the phone.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“What do you mean,” she asked.

Then it dawned on me.

“Oh shit,” I said. “It’s Friday.”

I… thought it was Saturday.