As I predicted, work was pretty busy for most of the day. I tore myself away around 2:30 and finally took a shower and got lunch on the way to the bank and across town to pick up a present from Karen for Phil. I got back a little after 4, in time to do a finish getting things together. When she got home she loaded the presents into the trunk (the stuff for my family at the back) while I did some dishes.

We finally left for Richlands, but while we were at the gas station Amanda remembered she hadn’t gotten the bag of dog presents for Bruce, Paddy, Schatzi and Emma. Fortunately we weren’t far at all, so we wet back by the house and got that then made pretty good time to the Mercer homestead. There we had a spaghetti dinner. Amanda’s brother, Michael, and his girlfriend, Sarah Denning, joined us shortly after we started. They’d gone out to Mike’s Farm for a Christmas trailer ride. All four of us went last year. Michael and Sarah were cold the entire night from having been outside so long there.

After dinner Phil was watching the beginning of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Michael was giving him crap about watching so many cowboy shows. Phil was disappointed in everyone that nobody knew what the movie was until I came in and said it.

A little later, Amanda, Karen, Michael, Sarah and I played Scattergories. I came in third after Amanda and Karen. There were only a few points separating first and third. Michael and Sarah came in a more distant fourth and last. After that we watched Christmas Vacation.