So the weather was not only decent today, it was gorgeous.

Amanda and I put long-sleeve shirts on under the Tribute Properties JDRF walk t-shirts and put Bruce’s new hoody on him and headed out to Legion Stadium. Legion Stadium is right across the street from Sunset Park, where we used to live, but this was the first time Amanda or I had gone there. We milled about with everyone for a bit and let everybody admire and compliment Bruce. He was very popular and had lots of kids and dogs to play with. I was proud of him- he didn’t bark or growl at anything (except playfully at a dog or two). He mostly hung out with Roxie, a Jack Russell Terrier.

There was a t-shirt contest to pick what companies came up with the best shirts. Amanda got to take Bruce up on the stage to represent the company.

We started the walk with one of Amanda’s coworkers (I’m terrible at remembering their names) and her boyfriend, Mike. My old high school friend and Amanda’s former boss, Chris Schoch (known to the people Amanda works with as Christa Mowbray) was next to us with her husband, Dave, and their little baby Dylan. She’s got such beautiful big dark blue eyes. Anyway, we lost them when they had to make a rest stop. We walked all the way around Greenfield Lake and I spent most of the time talking to Mike about film, web stuff, video games and news production. (He works at WECT and had some fun stories.)

When we got back to Legion Stadium we hung out for just a little while (long enough for me to grab a hot dog anyway) and came on back home. We watched some DVR’ed TV and Bruce and I took a nap. I know Bruce was exhausted- it was a very long walk for a little dog.

We made some plans to go over to Ben and Jessica Lambeth’s and Amanda had been in the mood to make some chicken pot pie so while I moved my nap from the couch downstairs to the bed upstairs she went to Lowe’s Food and got what she needed. She went ahead and boiled the chicken then we packed everything up and headed on over to Casa Lambeth.

At Ben and Jessica’s we sat out on the back porch for a bit while Amanda let the rest of the chicken pot pie finish then we had that for dinner along with a Caesar salad Jessica made. After that we each carved a pumpkin. The girls chose these little white pumpkins which actually looked pretty cool once you lit them up. The whole thing seemed to glow a bit and they looked like they were made of, I don’t know, porcelain or something. Ben and I carved larger pumpkins and took a while longer. Amanda’s was really pretty cute. She was very proud of it until the nose-face area sort of fell out. Once we got home she pieced it back together with toothpicks.

After the pumpkin carving was done we had some chocolate cake stuff and milk then played Scrabble. I went first and happened to get all the letters needed to spell VIOLENT (the T was a blank square) so I started off with 70-some points. My next round took me up to 100. It was almost unfair, and even subtracting the 10-point Q and a few other letters I had left after Amanda used her last letters, and even if you added everyone else’s unused letters to her score (which is the official way to play, but we don’t like to do that) I still won. Even if you took away my 50-point bonus for using all my letters, I still would have won. It was a great game.

We were getting tired after that so we headed on home while Ben and Jessica finished watching the Tennessee versus South Carolina. I think the Vols ended up beating the Cocks.

When we got home Mooo! (the official spelling of her name) was playing with something against a wall.  Amanda found out that it was a baby lizard.  Mooo! kept messing with it and picking it up in her mouth to carry it somewhere else.  We ended up getting the cat (with the lizard in her mouth) outside, where she dropped it, at which point we snatched her up and  put her back inside.  The lizard seemed a little shaken but otherwise okay.  Mooo! kept trying to get outside after that.

Zach Dotsey