We gained an hour of sleep.  Spring forward, fall back you know.

After church today Amanda and I went out with Ben and Jessica Lambeth to IHOP then we all went (though separately) to Wal-Mart.  Amanda and I bought a bunch of stuff for Operation Christmas Child, the thing where you fill a shoe box with stuff and it gets sent off to needy children.  Just like last year we did one for a boy and one for a girl.  We also used plastic containers instead of shoe boxes so the kids could have that too.  You know, to keep stuff in or for whatever else they’d want to use it.  We also picked up a couple other Christmas gifts.

After that we stopped by the house for a bit to let Bruce out and such then headed back out to pick up a few things for our nephew, Jackson.  We got him some clothing things, although this one shirt we really thought would be cute for him wasn’t in stock in his size.  After that we got him a couple toys.  There was one thing in particular that we wanted to get him, but we couldn’t find it and nobody at Toys ‘R’ Us knew what we were talking about.  Amanda and I are excited about giving him his present.

We didn’t do much after getting home.  We watched last night’s Saturday Night Live, which was hosted by Hugh Laurie.  I thought it was a pretty good one.  After that Amanda baked some blueberry muffins and I putzed around on the computer.  Oh, I also set the tent up in the backyard to finally sweep all the Portsmouth Island sand out of it.  There was quite a bit that had blown in there.

Zach Dotsey