I worked at The Connection again today, but this time it was mainly to meet with a client.  It’s one we’ve been working pretty closely with since they took over the business of another client of ours.  It was a good meeting, and it was good to get to know this client.  The downside to it was that the meeting was very long and I’ve now got a lot more to do tomorrow.

Directly after work I headed over to the Bellamy Mansion to take bridal photos of Stephanie Albrecht, soon to be Stephanie Zugrave.  Her mom and cousin were there to help her out, and since I was going there right after work Amanda came by too, it being not too far off her route home from work.

I really like the Bellamy Mansion as a photographic subject.  I’ll have to see if Greg, Stephanie’s husband who works there, can hook me up on a photo shoot.

Anyway, the bridal shoot went really well I think.  Steph is a sweet girl and her cousin in particular was helpful in arranging things.  Amanda’s a really good photographer’s assistant too.  She’s helped me before, and she’s always got good suggestions for places to take the shots, not to mention helping fix the wedding gown and just helping me with equipment and such.  She was also helpful in going through the 200 or so pictures afterwards and throwing out the not-so-good ones.

We watched the two hour American Idol special, Idol Gives Back.  They had a number of special guests.  It was a pretty decent show for a fund drive.  They promised a surprise result which was one we guessed from the outset, which is that nobody went home this week.  I guess it would have been a bit off to send someone away from the show following two hours of activism.  They said that next week they’ll total the votes from this week and next and send home the two contestants with the lowest total votes.  The unfair thing about that is that Jordin, who they teased was going home (they told one person they were safe throughout the show until they got to the end and pulled their twist, with Jordin and Chris being the last two, although they did say at the beginning they were going in random order) will probably get a huge boost in votes next week after receiving a scare.


My lip is still bothering me.  I’m going to make sure to gargle more hot salted water.  Hot salted water is supposed to clean the sore and help prevent infection.

Amanda went to bed.  Michael is playing Gears of War on co-op with Chris Flowers.  Bruce is curled up under my leg.  Cobb is sleeping curled up against a pillow on the other couch.  I don’t know where Mooo! is.  Usually she’s upstairs at night, and she’s probably near the door to the stairs.

Oh, I got an e-mail from the GroupFinder software we use at church.  Another couple found us and asked to join.  Their names are Meagan and Adam and they moved here three weeks ago from Florida.  Since we’re meeting tomorrow anyway I went ahead and called at 9:20 when I got the notification and they’re going to go ahead and come on out tomorrow.  Cool beans.

Zach Dotsey