So here’s the story as I heard it.  Amanda had a pen at work that she’s had for a long time.  She’s very proud of it, because like most people she usually loses a pen before it naturally runs out.  Today she was messing with her pen and the cap broke.  Despondent, she took someone’s advice to go get some super glue from Jan, the secretary.  Amanda got the glue and fixed her cap, but on the way back down to her cubicle she thought it’d be a fun idea to miss the bottom two steps and, as a result, took a bit of a spill.  She said she heard her ankle pop and she was in too much pain to even cry.  She was going to wait and see how it felt tomorrow, but she was urged to go have it looked at immediately, so her boss, Jennifer, drove her to the Medac where they pronounced it sprained.

And in all of this, the cap of her pen broke again when she fell.

Amanda’s doing fine with her sprained ankle.  It’s her left leg, which is good because there’s no problem with driving, but it’s bad because her right knee is a little tricky.

My day at work wasn’t nearly so exciting.  I went up to The Connection and worked from there for most of the day.  I’ve got so much to do that I feel like I didn’t get much of anything done, but I worked straight through the whole time except for about five minutes when I talked to Wayne Harris, the small groups coordinator from Port City Community Church.

Anyway I got home around 3:00 and worked until sometime after 6:00. Amanda and I went (back) to The Connection for small group.  We decided to meet there and have dinner this week in order to change things up a bit.  It turned out to be pretty convenient since the new people, Meagan and Adam, met us up there.  Meagan works, I think to sum it up, as a child psychologist for the Head Start program.  Adam is a Navy medic working with the Marines.  He got back from Iraq not too long ago.  They’ve been married for just a couple months and moved here three weeks ago.  They’re moving again in a few months unfortunately, but they’re just looking for somewhere to get involved and to meet people.

So tonight we mainly just focused on all getting to know one another.  I’d put us down for the conference room a few days ago, so we all got to eat our dinners (which took a little while to get) in relative privacy.  We also talked about changing up the study.  We all agreed that we have enjoyed following the study material based on the week’s message, but Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner are going to the Mayfaire services now, which are a week behind.  As that might get a little confusing, Amanda and I suggested reading and discussing The Case for Christ after the current message series wraps up.  Everyone seemed open to it.

We came on back home and watched The Office, which was particularly funny.  It started off with Jim dressing up like and imitating Dwight and ended with Dwight doing the same back at Jim, although to much less effect.  In between, Dunder-Mifflin was in trouble for an obscene watermark added to a bunch of paper by a disgruntled former employee, so Michael decided to call a press conference.  It was a pretty decent episode, but I felt like they could have done a lot more with it.  I’m betting there is a lot of cut footage from this episode.

Amanda’s going to Richlands tomorrow to go see a production of Annie with her mom in Jacksonville.  Phil, Amanda’s dad, is going to be gone some of this weekend and I’ll be busy pretty much all day Saturday taking pictures for the Stephanie Albrecht-Greg Zugrave wedding, plus I guess Karen will take good care of my poor gimped-up wife.  Unfortunately, for her to get there in time for the play she’s heading out straight after work, so I won’t get to see her after she leaves in the morning, at which time I’m sure to be very groggy and out of it anyway.  She’ll miss Bruce more than she’ll miss me anyway.

After Amanda went to bed I played some Gears of War.  Michael was watching a Lakers game I think.  Actually, I think the Lakers are already out of the playoffs.  See how much I pay attention to the NBA?  Anyway, whatever the case, Michael wasn’t playing, and neither was anyone else on my Friends List, so I played a couple ranked games.  I sucked in the first, did okay in the second and did okay, but not too well compared to everyone else, in the third.  A lot of people on opposing teams tonight were dicks, but some of the people on my own teams were good to talk to.

Zach Dotsey