Happy birthday to Lauren Millard!

I had a pretty busy time this morning and into the early afternoon catching up on work that came in over the weekend.

My brother-in-law, Michael Mercer, spent the morning here at the house.  His apartment was being sprayed and he had to be out of it until 2:00, I think, which happened to be the exact time he had to go to work.  He showed up at 9:00 on the dot with his cats, Mooo! and Goat then proceeded to go to the guest room to sleep until about 1:00.  He got up and showered then we grabbed some Subway before he went off to work.

Exciting day, huh?  The cats pretty much kept to themselves, although Goat paid me a visit and sat on my lap when I went to the bathroom.  Michael came back by after he got off work (with a smoothie as requested by Amanda) and had a bit of a time getting the cats.  Goat he was able to get and put in a pet carrier (our pet carrier, which he has yet to return, I might add), but Moo! got spooked by Harvey when Michael had her and he ended up with scratches from both animals: Mooo! clawing to escape and Harvey jumping on him to try to get Mooo!.  Bruce and Cobb didn’t seem to really notice they were here.

He didn’t have a second carrier and let Moo! roam free in his car.  That ended up a bad idea, as she decided to pee in it on the way home.  I hope he went someplace to get some Nature’s Miracle, because if he didn’t act quick he’s going to regret it.

Amy Warkentien called today to report in and see how Gipper’s doing.  There’s not too much new with Missy, but there was some more concern for Jerry.  Basically what she told me was that nobody really knows what’s wrong with him but he’s in a lot of pain and the kidney people said there’s nothing wrong with him kidney.  So remember to keep both Missy and Jerry in your prayers.

That’s about it.  I did some exercising in the morning, which I’ve been trying to do, and Amanda and I watched Saturday Night Live (from two weeks ago), House and Heroes tonight.

The Blue Devils only dropped to ninth place today, which was a little surprising to me, honestly.  I really, really hope they can put the pieces together and come out strong for the rest of the season, play like they did up until about a month ago.

In other college basketball news, UConn lost to Pitt tonight, which is fine by me.  I’m guessing that, should the rest of the top teams win out, that’ll put Oklahoma, the current #2 team, in first place or Pitt, who was #4 (behind #3 Carolina) might leapfrog everyone and go to the top spot.  Oklahoma’s my bandwagon team this year.

I came to a realization about Milly the other day.  You see, my wife is a Talker.  My wife’s mother is a Talker and her mom’s sister is a Talker and my wife’s grandmother is a Talker.  I’m having a baby girl in June, and as much as I know I’ll be looking forward to her first words, I realized the other day that, just like her mother, her grandmother, her great-aunt and her great-grandmother, my baby girl will grow up to be a Talker.

One day scientists will be able to cure this genetic disease (probably with stem cells), but until then I will have burdened society with another Talker.

Zach Dotsey