When I let Bruce and Harvey out this morning I noticed that I was pretty sore.  I can only infer that it came from surfing, mowing the lawn and painting yesterday.  Some of it may have had to do with Eli Warkentien too, come to think of it.  That kid likes to be hit really hard on the back.  I mean, I was walking around with him, patting him on the back pretty firmly in my own estimation, until Amy took my hand and showed me how hard he likes it.  Kid’s gonna be tough!

(That in no way is supposed to come off like the kid’s being abused.  He was very fussy until he was patted very firmly and steadily on the back.)

Amanda and I went to the 8:30 service at Port City Community Church and sat with Mike (Lars) and Kaitlyn Boscaljon and a friend of Kaitlyn’s who was visiting.

As volunteers, we had gotten an e-mail earlier in the week to wear our volunteer shirts, as this week they were going to do a message about volunteering, called Jump In.  I wasn’t sure whether to wear my Production Team shirt or my Grow Zone shirt, but since Amanda was wearing her Grow Zone shirt I opted for the Production Team shirt.  During the service they called out all the areas of volunteers, and it was really cool to see, I’d guesstimate, about a third of the people in the room stand up.  Lars decided to talk to the Production Team about volunteering after the service.

An interesting tidbit of information- as part of a plan to accommodate more people at PC3, starting in the Fall they’re going to go to four services, up one from the current three.  Right now we have 8:30, 10:30 and 12:30 services.  That will change to 9:00, 11:00, 4:00 and 6:00.  It’ll be interesting to see how that works out.  Amanda and I plan to keep going to the earliest service.  We like to just relax on Sunday evenings, wind down as the week starts to gear up.

Amanda and I stayed busy back home.  She spray painted the drawers of a dresser.  She saw one dresser in an ad, Pier One or Pottery Barn, something like that, with brightly colored drawers and instead of paying a couple hundred bucks to buy that one she decided to do her own.  We were missing the handles on one of them, so later on we went out to buy some new ones.  The screws that came with it weren’t long enough, so Amanda went back out and bought some new ones.  Then she forgot to double the number she needed so she went back out and got those.  Later tonight, when I moved the dresser into the nursery and put the drawers in, I have to say they looked very good and her effort was well worth the trouble.  We fiddled around with the order of the drawers, which color went where, until we got it to how we liked it.

As Amanda was doing all that, I was upstairs working on the floor.  Now, a few days ago I said I didn’t think it would take too long, and while I was right and I did get it all finished, it did take a little longer than I expected.  However, I did get it all done before the end of the weekend, just like I promised I would.

The main thing that took longer than I expected was clearing the floor.  As you know, Billy Supplee and I stripped off the carpet and padding on Friday, and then I pulled up all the staples and such.  What we discovered was not the plyboard sublayer of flooring one would expect, but sheets of drywall.  Drywall?  Okay, roll with it, right?  Problem was, there was chalk all over it.  I swept it a couple times and got up all manner of dust, but then, when I was about to put the primer on, I noticed a bunch of small bumps- clusters of chalk.

Now, Karen, yesterday, mentioned that I should probably scrape up the chalk before putting on the primer.  I didn’t think it would make too much of a difference, but as I was scraping away some bumps I noticed just how thick it was in places, so I decided that maybe it would be best to scrape up as much of it as I could.  And do I did.  Using a razor (which eventually chipped), I got up quite a bit of it, at no little expense of time.  I then swept it all up (there was A LOT of it) then applied the primer with a paint roller (which Nick and Amy had been kind enough to pick up for me the night before since they were already going to Target).

As I was putting down the primer (which looked like skim milk), I noticed that it didn’t seem to be doing much besides drying into the drywall.  I went ahead and covered the whole room anyway, just in case it would be different when it dried.  Amanda and I then made our first trip to Lowe’s to pick up a chalk line and the aforementioned drawer handles then stopped by Toys R Us to see how much stuff from our registry is there.  We’ve got some coupons that expire a few days after our baby shower so we wanted to see if there were things we could go ahead and pick up there using the coupons and our gift cards.  It also gave us an excuse to be out of the house for an hour while the primer dried.  Or soaked into the drywall, as the actual case may have been.

Yeah, I got back and the floor wasn’t ticky-tacky at all, like the guy I talked to at Lowe’s said it would be.  I thought about putting down a second coat of primer, just in case, but there wasn’t enough left anyway, so I started laying down tile.  I had Amanda help me with the chalk lines (one running twelve inches in parallel to the back wall, another going perpendicular through the middle of the room).  It took me a few tries to get it all how I liked it, but after a bit I got them set in a pretty good, straight line.  I laid them down in a pyramid style so as to optimize the number of square corners to fit the tiles into (thereby making it easier to keep them straight).  There are some spots where you can see that the corners aren’t totally square, but I think I did a pretty good job.

After laying out all the middle of the floor tiles, I then had to go around the edges and cut pieces to fit there.  The first one took me a bit as I used the box cutter to make deep etches in the tile, but I found that if I notched the edges then drew the blade from one side to the other once or twice, I could bend the tile and break it along that line.  That went pretty fast I think.  The only problem I had was around the edges in the dormer because the pieces had to be so thin.  On the plus side, some of the scrap pieces fit pretty well so I didn’t have to cut all of them out myself.  There was some that I had to whittle down just a little, and those were a bit of a pain.

I was particularly proud of a corner piece I had to cut, and I was really hyped on the job I did of cutting a hole for the floor vent.  After I did that, I thought, “Eat your hearts out, Phil and Earl!”  I am a flooring fiend!  Yes, I did it all on my own, with nobody having to tell me to do any of it.  I take that back- Amanda did use some scrap pieces to fill in some thin spaces on one section of wall.  We’re definitely going to need some quarter round molding to cover the gap between the (What’s it called again, Amanda?) baseboard (Oh yeah, thanks!) and the floor, so what she added will eventually be covered up but it does look better for now.

We were supposed to get a visit from the fire safety people who fed us on Thursday, but not only did they never show, they never even called.  Nick told me how much they wanted to charge for setting them up in their home, and since we have two floors I know it would definitely be out of our price range anyway, but since we were expecting them it would have been nice if they had at least called.

So all in all I had a hard-working weekend, but I think the new floor looks great, the newly-painted drawers look great and the nursery walls are coming along.

Zach Dotsey