After work Amanda and I went to the hospital to visit with Mike and Sarah Nowak and meet their new little girl, Lauren Nowak.  She’s a cute little thing, but she was under a UV light for most of the time that we were there due to some jaundice (which is a common enough thing in newborns).  She even ha a little mask on for her eyes, so it looked like her first ever tanning session.

We hung around there for a while then headed over to Nick and Amy Warkentiens’ to pick up the lawn mower I’d let Nick borrow last weekend, along with our fire pit and folding chairs that we’d left at their Memorial Day Bonfire Party (which Nick said he hopes to make a monthly event- not the Memorial Day part, but the rest of it) because they were being used when we left.  We stopped and picked up some BoJangle’s for dinner on the way.

Nick was there by himself with Eli, as Amy is shooting a wedding tomorrow and needed to go to the rehearsal.  Nick said he had been good the whole time they’d been together but had been a little fussy more recently.  The only time he cried when we were there was when Amanda and I were about to leave and nobody was near him or watching over him.  I played with him a bunch and made him smile, laugh and make other noises.  He likes playing with my hair and he likes it when I get right up in his face.  He’ll probably forget all that later in life and see me as one of Mom and Dad’s Boring Old Friends.  Oh well, he’s fun for now anyway.

The truck loaded, I took everything home, leaving Amanda as collateral.  There was a lot of lightning and a little thunder out, but fortunately it didn’t rain until Amanda and I were back in the Jetta and on the way home.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty busy day, and it’s not all just work.  I plan to start off mowing the lawn and spreading some seed then Amanda and I will catch a late morning matinee of Wolverine with my brother, Adam Dotsey, before heading to the beach, where I intend to try to make him surf.  Depending on when we get out there, Michael Mercer will be there too.  (He has to work a closing shift.)  Then later, Amanda and Michael’s cousin, Stanton Pickens, will be in town and we plan to go to dinner with him, although we haven’t heard back from him since he sent me an e-mail last night.

Speaking of e-mails, I got one from a couple who is interested in our small group a couple days ago, then last night Lisa Stikeleather, who helps coordinate small groups at Port City Community Church, sent me the contact info for two other couples who went to the small group connection last night.  I ended up e-mailing them all together.  Eight couples is too many, but I think I know other groups who are looking for people.  My idea, in a nutshell, is to get everyone to meet together, see how they fit based on time and location and go from there.

Zach Dotsey