Remember how I bragged yesterday that Milly only got us up a couple times her first night home?  Her second night was nothing like that.  I think she woke up wanting to feed every hour, and since Amanda’s not able to lean over to pick her up out of the cradle yet, not to mention that she’s slow to move around on the bed due to the c-section surgery, we both had to get up every time.  It was miserable.  At about 7:00 or 8:00 I took her downstairs to sleep on my chest.

Despite this, my new daughter continues to astound me when I look at her.  Somehow, Amanda and I made this new little life.  She moves and makes noises and looks at us.  She even does things that look like the beginning of a smile, and yet somehow it still doesn’t completely seem real.

With the complete and utter lack of sleep Amanda and I got last night we were very slow to get going this morning and didn’t accomplish any of the things we were planning to do, like going for a walk (though to be fair, it did look like it was going to rain for most of the day) and going to Target.  Karen had a productive day though, as she pulled up weeds and planted some flowers she bought for us yesterday.  She even bought dinner from Smithfield’s BBQ tonight, which my brother, Adam Dotsey, and Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer, joined us for.

Milly seemed to feed every hour today.  She’d feed, rest for a little bit, then cry her tiny heart out.  The explanation for this is that Amanda’s milk has come in (replacing the colostrom that mom’s start out with) and I think it’s supposedly less filling.  Add to that the fact that babies have tiny stomachs anyway, they do what the pediatrician called cluster feeding where they feed, as Milly did, very often.  She did take a break for several hours while she was sleeping.

I had trouble getting batteries into the baby swing, but between myself, Amanda and Adam we finally got it working and put Milly in it while we ate dinner.  Well, most of us had finished already, but Amanda was feeding her when we started, so really we put her in it while Amanda was eating.  She woke up afterwards and I went to pick her up and started smelling something a little funny.

Yeah, this is where the title comes in.

I looked at her and saw a little spot coming out one of her onesie legs.  I was surprised that it had come out of the diaper, but not too surprised since she hadn’t pooed in a while.  But then I saw a spot on her front, a little to the left of her tummy.  By the time I got upstairs it had spread a bit.  I unbuttoned her onsie to take a look and it was all over the place.  Adam and Michael were intrigued.

I’ve surprised myself how fast I’ve taken to not minding cleaning up dirty diapers and such.  Karen took over the cleaning for me and Amanda though, smartly taking the onesie down her body instead of over her head, which I was about to do.  I knew it would spread it all over her, but I figured she was going to need a bath anyway.

Speaking of baths, Amanda got to give Milly one for the first time after that.  (I’d helped with her first one at the hospital.)  I think, with Amanda being laid up a bit, she feels like she’s missing out so far, so I try to let her do whatever she wants to do and can do to make her feel included.  It’s funny- I think usually the mom’s the one doing that.

That’s about it.  Adam and Michael took off and Karen, Amanda and I watched The Office while Milly alernatively fed, got put to sleep, cried and fed some more.

I came up with Milly Bug this morning.  That’s Amanda’s favorite name for her that I’ve used so far.

In the news, Iran is in turmoil as the questionable outcome of a recent political election sparks mass protests.  It will be interesting to see where this leads.  Elsewhere, a North Korean ship is being tracked by the US amid fears that it may be carrying nuclear missiles or something of the sort.  North Korea has said that any attempt to board the ship will be seen as an act of war.  Good times.

Zach Dotsey