Today is Jason Revill’s 31st birthday.  He’s my oldest friend.  Not in terms of age- I mean, he’s only 31, but we’ve been friends since kindergarten.  I hope you have a nice day, buddy.

I got up this morning and mowed the lawn.  Well, I was going to mow the lawn, but I couldn’t get my mower to start for anything.  I ended up borrowing Bonnie and Dave Narron’s mower from across the street.  I only mowed the front lawn, but when I took the mower back I noticed the knob holding the left side of the frame you push with had come off and I spent some time looking for it to no avail.

Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt came by shortly after I got out of the shower from mowing.  They didn’t get to see too much of Milly because she was feeding when they got here and slept in the swing most of the time they were here.

My sister, Erin Dotsey, who has been so excited to meet Milly, arrived today from Raleigh.  Milly spent all her time feeding, fussing and sleeping, and Amanda and I had to tend to her a lot, so we weren’t able to play the part of hosts very well.  Erin told me that it was okay, that it was nice to get away and relax a little anyway.  A lot of time was spent napping.  Erin took one, that is, and Amanda took two today, which is impressive for her.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, left after a while.  She kept saying she was going to leave then she’d go pull some more weeds or clip some branches, but she did eventually take off.  She was such a huge help while she was here.

Between naps and whatnot we watched news coverage of the protests in Iran.

Nick, Amy and Eli Warkentien came by later, bringing a smoothie for Amanda and a couple of hot dogs for me.  I can’t believe how much bigger Eli is now!  I mean, we just saw him on Monday, but he just looks so massive now!  He’s just so thick.  Anyway, they stayed for a little while then Amanda and I, being able to put Milly down at the time, went to bed a little after.  Erin took the guest room after lying on the couch, listening (quietly, so as to not distrurb Milly) to some music on TV and doing some puzzles.

Zach Dotsey