Duke Blue Devils advance to 2010 NCAA Tournament Championship after beating West Virginia | Picture used for personal, non-commercial purposes

Almost every analyst said that West Virginia was going to beat Duke.  They’re too long and too athletic.  Duke won 78-57 with Jordan Davidson hitting the last bucket of the game, a three that put the Devils up over 20 points.

That’s right- the Duke Blue Devils are going to the 2010 NCAA Championship game, and I couldn’t be more excited!

On the other side of the bracket, Butler beat Michigan State 52-50.   It was a low scoring affair with scoring droughts for both teams.  Duke should win the game Monday, especially if both teams play the way they played tonight.

I’m so excited!  Bring home championship #4, Blue Devils!

In other news, Milly slept through the night.  Amanda started feeling sick last night though, and Milly’s snot thickened up and turned yellow so I took her to the doctor this morning just to make sure there was nothing to worry about.  Our usual place wasn’t open so we went to another one.  One of the doctors there is a comic book nerd and has framed and autographed comics and posters on the walls in the waiting room.  Milly and I went around and looked at them all while we were waiting.

On a side note, I heard the ladies at the reception desk talk about how cute Milly was when we were leaving.

Anyway, Milly’s snotty, but she seems to be feeling much better.  The doctor who checked her out said a virus has been going around and that’s probably what she and Amanda both have.

We went to church at 4:00 and sat with the Boscaljons and Amy.  The service was great and the music was awesome.  We saw Justin and Lisa afterwards and I asked what they were doing there.  Lisa’s been having contractions, but the baby isn’t quite ready to get here yet.

As I said, Amanda and I watched basketball tonight, and Amy and Eli joined us.  Since he works at the church, Nick was busy.  Amy did me a solid and ran out to pick up some dog food for us so I could watch the Butler-Michigan State game.  I’d run out earlier to pick up some baby food and really didn’t want to go back out again.  Harvey and Max had fun playing outside in the backyard most of the night.

Amy seemed to enjoy watching the game with us.  More than anything I think she was amused watching me get pumped up every time Duke made a good play.  Amanda was happy about Duke progressing to the title game, but she was also exhausted.  This was a lot better than the last Final Four game we watched together, back in 2004.

Zach Dotsey