I woke up at 6:15 this morning and headed on over to Port City Community Church to run a camera for the first two services of the day, which were the third and fourth services of the weekend.  I was only out there during the music and that was really good, so it was a lot of fun.  Good crew today.

Amanda texted me in between services to let me know that Cobb had peed in Harvey’s crate for some reason and that she had lost her voice.  At least Milly was happy and talkative and behaving well for her.

On the way back to the house I called my parents.  My mom was at home and recovering from having her wisdom teeth taken out.  My dad beat me to saying something about it, but I was going to greet him with “Christos vostress” (spelling questionable there), which is Slovak for “Christ is risen.”  It’s something you’d say to Pap, his dad, who died last year.  I need to make sure to remember the response, because that part I don’t have down yet.

At the house, Amanda, Milly, Amy and Eli were all ready to go.  Amy and Eli were going to Beulaville to have Easter with Amanda’s family because Nick was going to be working all day (and their extended families are in Michigan).  I called Baba (my grandma) on the way there.  I meant to give my siblings a call too.

We were the first of the family to get to Amanda’s grandparents’ house.  Amanda’s parents and brother (with Jenn, his girlfriend) showed up just a little bit later.  We ate a late lunch and then went to the park across the street from their house, which, I realized, was the first time Milly had been to a park.  We were on the swing for a bit, went down a slide and had her and Eli on a see-saw-type bouncy thing.  I let Milly sit on that on her own for a bit, even though it was a couple feet above the ground.  She was a bit tired and didn’t seem too enthused or entertained by anything we did, but she did bounce a bit on the see-saw thing.  I also marked the date and Milly’s and Eli’s names inside a little clubhouse thing they had there.  It was all written on already anyway, but I tried to put it in an out of the way place, mainly so it wouldn’t be covered up and so I can show it to Milly when she gets older.

The Frazelles, who had been at Barry’s parents’ house, came by.  They showed up while I was napping, actually.  Everyone played with Milly (who got a bathing suit, a book and a toy cellphone from her Nana) and Eli.  Amanda, Amy, Hannah, Kirsten and I played a game of Wits & Wagers.  I crushed it, thanks in large part to a question about when Pete Rose got in trouble.  Everyone else guessed in the ’60s and ’70s, and since I knew it was when I was a kid, I just put 1980.  I knew it was later than that, but I also knew it was in the ’80s, and since you can’t win by going over I played it safe and bet everything I had on it.  Won me the game.

The answer, by the way, was 1989.

Anyway, we got back home a little after 7:00.  Amanda still had no voice when we put Milly to bed.  She (Milly) has gotten to where she likes to stand up in her crib before we even leave the room, so now I feel like we have to scurry on out of there as soon as possible.  She didn’t fuss though.  She made some noise when it was closing in on 9:00, but it didn’t last long at all.  Amanda and I watched a Law & Order: SVU then she went to bed.

Duke plays in their first national championship game since 2001 tomorrow.  All sings point to them winning it pretty handily, but of course anything can happen.  Like everyone else, I’ve got a soft spot for Butler since they’ve never been to even the Final Four before and their coach is only a year older than I am, but all that ended when Duke beat West Virginia yesterday.  I hope Duke destroys them.  It’s nothing personal though.

On a related note, let’s dispel the notion that Butler is a Cinderella team.  They were ranked in the top 10 most, if not all, season long.

Zach Dotsey