I had an interview set up for today, but because the interviewee was sick and I was probably still not in the best shape to drive due to my left eye being stabbed yesterday, it got postponed.

The eye is better for the most part, but it’s still flaring up now and then.  It’s been bugging me later in the day and tonight.

Scott and I talked on the phone for about an hour this morning to discuss some plans and how to do some things going forward.  I’m pretty excited for the company right now.  There’s so much we want to do, but you run into the issue that we’ve been so busy, but then if we’re not busy we’re not making as much money, you know?

When Amanda got home this afternoon I had Milly sitting in her front porch chair drinking her bottle (which she’s been able to hold while sitting up consistently for some time now).  It was so stinkin’ cute.

Amanda and I were planning on starting the P90X program today, but we didn’t realize there was an intro video and warmup, so we ran out of time.  Amanda did go out and buy a bunch of good food as suggested in the P90X book though.  I think we’re both excited to get started on it.

We had small group at the Johnsons’ tonight and noticed that they have Settlers of Catan.  Man, we used to play that so much.  I told them we definitely need to get together so we can show them our homemade version of it, and so we can introduce them to Puerto Rico as well.  Apparently we’ve found another couple that likes to play some games.

For the record, Amanda drove to and from the Johnsons’ house, which we still needed to GPS for given all the twists and turns to go through the Gordon Woods-area neighborhood.  I ended up closing my eyes and holding my temple a bunch at group, so people probably thought I was struggling to stay awake, which wasn’t the case at all.

We didn’t know what to do when we got home.  Usually we watch Lost on the DVR.

Zach Dotsey