So here’s probably the coolest thing Milly’s done so far.  She’s starting to get signs!  Sign language, that is.  She’s done some things in the past few days where it looked like she might have been starting to understand, and of course a few weeks ago she would take my hands and move them together to sign for “more”, but tonight she, when prompted, would rub her chest for “please” and sort of clap her hands together for “more”.  So awesome!

On a side note, while we were all in the car today Amanda said “happy” to Milly in a high-pitched voice, and Milly mimicked her with a high-pitched noise of her own a couple times.

My eye was much, much better today, thank you very much.  I’d say it’s at about 98% currently.  There’s still a bit of that scratchy feeling, but it’s not shutting up on me or tearing up.

I conducted a few interviews today, and I feel pretty good about being able to land a quality sales and design person for the company.

Amanda started the P90X while I was gone, but I did it after work.  I tell ya, that thing kicked my ass!  Today it was all push-ups and pull-ups.  We don’t have a pull-up bar (though I think we’ll get one really soon), but we used a strappy thing with a handle to mimic the action in reverse.  About halfway through I couldn’t even do any more push-ups, but I did go through the effort of pushing as hard as I could against the ground, even if I wasn’t going anywhere, or when I lowered back down my chest pretty much just dropped on the floor.

We didn’t take any “before” pictures, but we’re going to do that tomorrow before we start the workout.  I don’t think I got all that buff or lost all that much body fat in just the one session so far.  I tell you what though, I can definitely feel it in my shoulders, which have now given my arms a limited range of motion from being so worn out.

The hardest thing, I think, will be eating right.  We already know that we’ll have some times when we don’t, such as Milly’s upcoming birthday party.  By and large though, we’re going to try to stick to the diet plan to try to get the most out of the system, and it’s already taking effect, mentally.  I saw some large cupcakes on TV tonight and wanted one so badly.  Michael also mentioned Flaming Amy’s when we dropped him off at his place, and I don’t think I ever wanted a burrito more.  It’s not that we’re not eating good food, but trying not to eat not-as-good food makes you want it more.

Amanda, Milly and I stopped by Michael’s place to pick him up and we all went to Justin and Lisa’s to meet baby Ayden, who was cute but slept the whole time (as a three week-old baby should, when he can).  We met most of Justin’s extended family and just hung out for a while.  They seem to be adjusting well to parenting life.

Amanda and I watched some things on the DVR after we put Milly to bed tonight.  Once we finished those I noticed on the channel guide that the American Idol season finale was on, so I put it on that out of mild curiosity to see who won.  When we turned it on there was a (in my opinion) boring song by Janet Jackson that sounded actually a lot like Michael Jackson, then another song by her followed by Joe Cocker singing With a Little Help from My Friends with the Idol finalists, then the announcement.  The guy won, which apparently has internet fans calling foul.  I don’t know, myself- that was the most American Idol I’d watched all season.

Zach Dotsey