I was pulled in about 30 different directions at work today.  Between interviews and trying to get things done for people, I had a very hectic day.

I’m watching something right now on National Geographic about how the moon is moving slowly away from earth.  It’s a terrible thing (yet another doomsday scenario), but I haven’t heard them say yet how fast it’s moving away (though I’ve mostly been only half paying attention).  And for some reason a woman they’re interviewing on the show is holding a Wii remote.  Maybe I missed the purpose of that earlier.

The Boneske family, Eric, Missy and Dakota, came over tonight.  Eric got here first and we spent a good bit of time going over some things about his website, and after Missy and Dakota got here we had dinner, which was Amanda’s salad.  Milly and Dakota, who is almost 16 months old, actually interacted a bit, which is a new thing for Milly.  Mainly it was just banging on doors together, but it really did seem like it was more of a tandem thing than anything else I’ve seen Milly do with anyone else around her age.  Dakota was also showing off how strong he is by pulling Milly, in her high chair, around.

After they took off and we got Milly to bed, Amanda and I took our “before” pictures for P90X.  She didn’t want to do the workout tonight, but we ended up doing it anyway.  Fortunately, it was a short one.  It was only 16 minutes, but it still kicked our abs.  (Like how I did that?  Yeah, it was an ab workout.)

When we collapsed, unable to put pressure on our torsos, on the couch and turned the TV on, we watched Flash Forward.  It was the season finale and apparently it hasn’t been picked up for next season, which is a shame because I think it’s gotten better over the last half or so of the season.  I hate when shows I watch don’t get a chance to come to a clean ending.

Amanda and I both had sore arms and shoulders from yesterday still.  In fact, just a few minutes ago I was lowering myself to the floor, but I ended up dropping on my chest

Zach Dotsey