I didn’t type Friday Night twice on accident.  It’s Friday night and I watched the three most recent episodes of Friday Night Lights tonight.  For some reason the DVR isn’t set to record every episode now, so Amanda and I watched the first episode of the season a few weeks ago then watched the second one tonight.  She went to bed after that, but I wanted to watch more so I watched the next one and the one that came on tonight.  What can I say?  It’s a great show.  It’s always nice to be able to watch shows with continuity back-to-back, too.

Prior to that, Amanda and I did our P90X for the day.  We discovered that we’re supposed to do one disc a day, and the 16 miute Ab Shredder workout we did yesterday was an addon for the hardcore types to be done after the first session.  Whoops!  So we’re a day behind now I guess.

Tonight’s workout was Plyometrics, which was a bunch of squatting and lunching and jumping.  It kicked our tails.  Amanda’s bad knee popped and she wasn’t able to do a whole lot after that, but she still did some.  I think I did a bit of each exercise, but I wasn’t able to do all of all of them.  And I’m so tight now, all over.  Well, my legs aren’t all that bad, but anything involving any movement in my arms feels like I’m trying to lift weights and my core is feeling pretty tight.  For that matter, I just noticed that my thighs are a bit tight now too.  I’d considered getting up early to go surf with Barry, but I don’t think that’s going to happen right now.

I was told that it gets much easier as your body gets used to it.  Can’t wait for that.

Nick and Amy got to see us finish up our workout.  They’d gone out on a date and we watched Eli for them.  Thankfully he has gotten over the whole “shriek the entire time my parents are gone” thing.  This was actually the first time we watched him where we didn’t have that issue.

Milly was a bit fussy though.  For that matter, she has been almost all day long.  She’s been in “hold me or I’ll be unhappy” mode lately.

We went to lunch at Flaming Amy’s today.  Burritos aren’t on the P90X diet list, but we met the Frazelles there because Hannah is going to do some mission work in Guatemala for the next three weeks, and we wanted to see her off.

You know what is on the list though?  Fresh squeezed orange juice, and I made some of that this evening.  I’ve been letting it chill in the fridge and look forward to getting some tomorrow.  Orange juice is the best.  Seriously.

Gary Coleman, best known for playing Arnold on Diff’rent Strokes, died today of a brain hemorrhage.  It’s kind of sad, the way his life worked out.  He had a lot of promise as a child star but his adopted parents squandered his money then he lost what he did get out of them in bad investments and the like.  He was the butt of jokes about careers gone wrong and even worked as a security guard at one point.  It was apparently, and understandably, very frustrating to him.  Hope he’s happier where he is now.

Zach Dotsey