In the mornings when I go to get Milly up, I knock on the door and wait for her to say, “Yeah?”  I’ll usually do it a few times because she’ll get louder with each knock, but today she didn’t say anything so I opened the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of her sleeping.

Well, she wasn’t sleeping, but as soon as I did open the door, Milly threw herself on her pillow and pretended like she was.  I thought that was adorable.

That set the tone for the day.  Milly was really good all day.  She stayed off the Christmas tree, which Amanda had told her not to touch a couple times yesterday.  She really liked seeing it when we came downstairs though.

Continuing with the sweetness, when I put Milly down for her morning nap I asked if she’d kiss my nose.  She popped her paci out and kissed it.  Yet another heart-melting moment.

Oddly, the only thing Milly would eat today, besides a couple crackers, was Rice Krispies.

Work was work, pretty busy at that.  I spent a good deal of the evening editing and uploading pictures.  Amanda and I watched How I Met Your Mother and The Sing-Off, which she was very excited about.  Once Amanda went to bed I watched Smallville (featuring the return of Lionel Luthor!) and the season finale of The Walking Dead.

Zach Dotsey