I got a text today that Paul and Kim Ayars were going to the hospital to bring their second kid, Parker, into the world.  Today was the actual due date too, and it seems really rare to have a baby on their actual due date.

Anyway, Paul called while we were at small group to say that the baby had been born via c-section.  Parker Andrew Ayars was eight pounds, eight ounces and I think he said 20 inches long.  Kim had a bad reaction to some pain meds and her heart stopped for a few minutes, which was horrific, I’m sure.  Everyone is fine and dandy now though.

I beat Assassin’s Creed last night.  I’ve got to say, I’ve been pretty hooked on this game.  In case you care about what it is, it’s about a guy who is kidnapped and hooked into a machine that is able to let him relive the memories of his ancestor, an assassin in the Holy Land from the time of the Third Crusade.  He goes around different cities assassinating people and uncovers a plot by the Templars, yadda yadda.

Basically, you get to climb on buildings and assassinate people.  It’s fun and has a good story.  I’m looking forward to starting the second one, which is also on loan from Travis.

I was busy with work today, but I think I’m mostly caught up now.

Milly slept a lot today: 9:45-2 then 4-6.  Amanda’s worried that she might be getting sick again.  Let’s hope it’s just a growth spurt.

My girls were watching some TV today and Milly started laughing at a commercial of a laughing baby.  It was so cute.

A lot of the questions in our study on prayer were simple answer questions and seemed to sort of stem the flow of conversation.  The discussion questions did generate some good talk though.

Zach Dotsey