Today was relatively laid back, work-wise.  It was helped by the presence of Milly’s Nana, who was able to feed her and entertain her all morning.  Karen later left and met Amanda at Bob King Volkswagen, where Amanda dropped the car off for scheduled maintenance.  They got home with Cook Out for lunch shortly after Milly woke up around 2:00, which was right before Milly’s Paw Paw arrived.  Phil was in town to get some dental work done.

Phil had to get to work and the girls all left after a little while, leaving me home alone to get more work done.  I think the only things I’ve got left to do are a couple minor updates I’ve been putting off because of big updates.  Huzzah!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings, I suppose, but since it’ll be Christmas Eve Eve I doubt I’ll have much to do.

After all the girls got back I headed out to do my last bit of Christmas shopping.  It was an exchange, technically.  Amanda and I wrapped presents after we put Milly down to sleep.  I talked to my buddy Jason for a little while this afternoon.  He told me stories about his niece, Olivia (who is soon to be a big sister, I just discovered!), and I told him stories about Milly.  I let her talk to him on the phone a bit, too.  She’s been saying “hello” very clearly lately, so I wanted to have her show that off.

There’s a big snow storm predicted to hit North Carolina on Christmas Day or the day after.  While I’d like some snow, I hope it’s not too bad because I want to be able to see my family.

Zach Dotsey