I can’t believe my nephew is six years old today!  I left him a message on his Facebook wall and I was going to call, but when I thought about it I saw on Josh’s Facebook page that they were out to eat, so I figured I’d try later.  I hope they remembered to give him the birthday present I got him at Thanksgiving a month ago, and I hope he liked it.  It was a Wolverine figure.  When he told me the super hero characters he liked, Wolverine was one of them.

I finally got Milly to do most of her animal sounds while I was recording her today.  She usually gets tired of it by the time I pull out the camera.

I had a good talk with Scott today.  There’s a website idea I’ve had for a while that he wanted to go ahead and start moving on.  The really cool thing is that we’re working it out so that I run it.  We’ve got some details to work out, but if it works out it should mean more money for me.  I’ll give more details as things progress, but I’m pretty excited about it.  I spent most of the evening working on a design for it.

Amanda expressed frustration with herself over how late she’s finishing up Christmas preparations this year.  She did a good bit of running around after work today to take care of things.

Zach Dotsey