880 is the number of wins Coach Mike Krzyzewski has after thoroughly trouncing UNCG tonight.

879 is the number of wins Dean Smith had in his career, now the third most wins of any men’s college basketball coach.  A lot of Tar Heels are grasping at straws for reasons why Dean Smith is still a better coach than Mike Krzyzewski.

22 is how many wins Coach K is from tying his coach and mentor, Bobby Knight, for the most wins, which could very well happen this season.

46 points is the margin by which the Blue Devils beat the Spartans (108-62).

Six is the number of consecutive times I’ve scored higher than Amanda in Carcassonne (and seven out of the last eight).

Two is how many times I beat her tonight.

I only brought up those last two points because Amanda was complaining about how I play the game.

It was a nice day today.  Amanda and I watched Duke beat up my college for Coach K to achieve a big milestone while Milly watched in the first half.  She did her stomp dance when Amanda chanted, “Here we go Devils, here we go!”  At one point she was sitting on the floor playing and then just randomly shouted “Guh Gooo!”  (That’s “Go Duke!” for those of you who can’t read Baby.)

Milly was really sweet again today.  It seems like there were several new things she did, or at least did differently and better than before, but now I just can’t think of them.

Amanda and Milly went out for a little bit today.  I mostly worked on a logo for use on a new website then worked a bit on a design for my side project.  Unfortunately, when I finished I came to realize that it looked almost exactly like my other mockup.  I have a few more ideas of different design elements to implement, so maybe I’ll work on those tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey