Nick and Amy came by tonight and showed us how to play Dominion, one of the Rio Grande games I got for Christmas.  They got it too, and have played it a bunch.  Amy won and I lost pretty bad, but it was the first time I’d played, so I’ll hide behind that excuse.

After that game we convinced them to stick around so we could show them Carcassonne.  I thought I was going to lose that one, too, but I ended up beating second-placed Amanda by two.  The funny thing is that she had done something meant to make it harder for me to score more points, and that very thing gave me two extra points.

Prior to all that, Amanda, Milly and I got to meet Hudson Cain tonight when we took some chicken pot pie over there.  Milly called him something like Hudsee.  He was napping in his swing while we were there so we didn’t get to really interact with him much, but I’m glad we finally got to see him.

Work wasn’t terribly busy today, but I was trying to take care of some internal design jobs.  Amanda, with her hand still hurting (which caused her to drop and break a plate at dinner tonight) needed help while preparing the chicken pot pie and Milly was very fussy late in the afternoon, so I had a hard time really focusing.

Milly was very sweet when I got her up from her first nap today though.  Usually as soon as her nursery door opens, she bolts upright.  This time though, her eyes wavered a bit like she was trying to decide whether to fall back asleep or not.  She ended up just lying there until I actually spoke, and then she got up with a big grin for me.

I noticed today that she’s walking so much better now than she used to.  Milly’s also slimmed down some and is putting more words together in her speech, like saying a name when she’s talking to someone.  (For example, “I love you, Daddy.”)  She’s getting all growed up.

Zach Dotsey