I got my first ever text message from a parent this morning.  My dad texted me and said Andra might be heading to the Rouge this weekend, and wouldn’t it be fun if we came up there too?  I told him it would be great, and I really would have liked to, but we’re celebrating Michael’s birthday Saturday, so we really wouldn’t be able to make it.  I then told him we were going to try to start potty training Milly, so he said to tell Michael happy birthday and wished us luck with Milly.

Amanda and I have discussed potty training Milly for a little while.  We read about a three-day potty training method where you keep your keep nekkid for three days straight and put them on the potty whenever they go.  You then reward them and cheer for them when they sit on their toilet.

They also said the time to start is when your kid is showing signs of awareness about pooping or peeing.  Milly has told us plenty of times when she’s pooped before, usually going, “Ewww,” or saying, “Stinky!” and trying to pinch her nose, so we figured maybe she’s ready to try.

The main thing I learned in trying to potty train Milly today is that just because a kid drops a bunch of pee on the floor, it doesn’t mean they’re done.  In fact, a minute after you’ve cleaned up the spill, they might let out some more then slip on it on the kitchen tile.  Then they might drop a little more after that just for fun.

The toughest thing is that Milly wasn’t very comfortable with the potty yet.  In fact, she seemed almost terrified of it this morning.  I did get her to get a little more comfortable by bouncing some of her dolls on it and saying, “Potty, potty, potty!”  She thought that was funny and did it some herself.

When Amanda came home we made a little more progress by bribing Milly to sit on the toilet with cookies.  She has yet to grasp that she’s supposed to sit on the potty when she’s got to go though.  Our biggest success today was when Amanda was able to drop Milly on the potty while she was, well, not peeing.  Of course, some of it still got on the floor.

Potty training difficulty was compounded by the fact that Milly hardly napped today.  She showed signs of being tired, but she wouldn’t sleep much when we did put her down.  That made her very fussy at times, but she was also very sweet sometimes today.  She was so tired when we put her down for the night that she didn’t even ask me or Amanda to read her a book.

I worked well after closing time today.  Things have gotten very busy of late.

Duke played NC State tonight at State.  I was a little apprehensive about this game, to be honest.  State’s got some good front court players, and post play has been a weakness for Duke of late.  On top of that, the Wolfpack played out of their minds last year during their only meeting, which was at State, and beat my Blue Devils pretty handily.

That was not the case tonight.

Both Miles and Mason Plumlee almost had double-doubles, as did Ryan Kelly, who seems to have rediscovered his three point shot.  Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith were Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith and every player who played (nine in all) was on the scoreboard in the first half.  It was just an all-around good team performance by the Blue Devils.

The Wolfpack didn’t give up though.  Duke got a comfortable lead a few times, but State kept bringing it back to a six or so point game.  Duke ended up winning 92-78 though.  It was the best performance they’ve had against decent competition since Kyrie Irving went out with his toe injury.  We’re all hoping it’s a harbinger of things to come.

Zach Dotsey