Milly didn’t go at all this morning, but her diaper from last night was a pretty heavy one.  I guess she got it all out early so she wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of going in the potty.  There was one mishap this afternoon though, after Milly got up from her nap and Amanda was home.  She’s a lot more comfortable sitting on her potty, but I don’t think she has quite put sitting on it with using it yet.  I’m doubting the three day method is going to work this time around, but that’s okay.  Figured all it would cost to try would be a bunch of paper towels at worst.

I was CRAZY busy with work tonight.  I’ve had countless constant updates come in from one client that they need done as soon as possible.  They’re not being at all pushy about it, but they’re a good client and I want to make them happy.  I had so much to do though, that a lot of other stuff was getting backed up.  I finally had to take a break from those updates to get other work done today.

Tonight we went to Felix Kay’s one year birthday party.  All of our small group was there, plus some other friends and people I haven’t seen in a while, then a few people I didn’t know on top of that.  One guy (and his wife) wore all Carolina gear.  I heard him talking about how Duke isn’t as good as they’ve been hyped up to be.  Amanda told me she heard him talking about that around me and she was very proud of my ability to bite my tongue.  I mean, if any fan base in the country has no right to talk about being overrated, it’s the Tar Heels.  Harrison Barnes and two years’ top-10 pre-season rankings would like to say hello.

But anyway, we had a great time at Felix’s party.  Milly was very clingy for a while, but eventually she ventured out and played with some toys.  She was also following Henry Nowak and another boy about his age (four) around while they were playing hide and seek or running around, but I don’t think they even noticed her doing that.

Zach Dotsey