This wasn’t the most fun game to watch, with a final score of 56-41, but Duke got an ACC road win with Kyle Singler scoring a mere two points the entire game, so that counts for something I suppose.  Nolan Smith got his 22 points and Mason Plumlee and Ryan Kelly both showed some good things.  Duke turned the ball over a lot early, so that, along with the offense, was not the most fun to watch, but the defense was very good.  Then again, the Cavs had some shots that literally went in the hoop and came back out and missed a few wide open threes, airballed a layup… yeah, it wasn’t a good night for them.

Milly, while still frustrated, snotty and clingy this morning, seems to be getting back to her normal self.  She sang several times today at random and did a couple of the dances she learned from watching Yo Gabba Gabba, particularly the Rock Rock and the Fox on the Run.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling completely better by late tomorrow.

Amanda Lysoled pretty much the whole house and wiped all of Milly’s toys down with disinfectant.  Not only does she want to make sure Ben, (pregnant) Jessica and little Graelyn don’t pick anything up on their visit, but she said she’s tired of sick getting passed around this house.  I think we’ve only had a week or two since the New Year that everyone in the house has been totally healthy.

Zach Dotsey