What a crazy time we’ve had of it lately.  Milly’s birthday, Patsy’s funeral, Milly’s birthday party, family visiting, Father’s Day, Milly’s recital…  Before we finalized our plans for next week’s trip, we were planning on having Ben and Jessica come visit this weekend, but we decided it would be best to put that off.

So here we are, staring down the stretch to our big trip.  I’ve talked to Milly about it a number of times and she’s excited to be going to stay with Hannah, Anna and Nana.  (All three of those would rhyme if you read Nana the way we don’t pronounce it.)  Now that the time is coming, it’s getting harder to face the idea of almost two weeks without my new little four year old.  She’ll be fine though, and so will we.

Today was pretty busy.  I’ve got two websites I’m trying to finish before we leave, but I didn’t really get to touch them until this evening.  One’s just about done, and the other one is a little bit of a bigger job, so my plan is to spend a few days focusing mainly on that.  Of course, little things pop up here and there, plus I hardly even looked at my email since Thursday night, so I had plenty to catch up on.

Karen, having traveled from Richlands to Wilmington and back twice this weekend, decided not to come to take care of Milly today.  Milly was plenty entertained though.  She played with her Lalaloopsy set and her Lego set quite a bit.  She also made some designs with her Spirograph and hung them on the fridge.  She put up some of my Spirograph doodles too.  She came into the office and announced to me that she had put my drawings on the fridge, which I took, especially by her tone, as a great honor.  She did watch a little TV, but she also sang and played outside with bubbles, colored and played her matching game (with her toys), too.  She did color her hands and feet green at one point, which she said was like a superhero.  Amanda and I told her she can’t draw on herself anymore, but it was really cute.

One thing Milly did not do today was ride her bike.  It’s becoming a source of contention.  Or escalating it.  We got her helmet on and got her and the bike down to the road with assurances that neither I nor Amanda would let go until she was ready for us to, but she would not get on the thing.  She really seems to be terrified of it, all because of one small fall that didn’t even skin her knee.  I mean she almost faceplanted off the scooter one time and was bleeding on her elbows and knees (I think- my memory may have inflated the severity of her wounds from that particular incident), and she got back on it not long after.  In fact, we said we were going to give the scooter away and she started wailing.

I really don’t get the source of her terror in regards to the bike.  I mean, she was doing a great job on it before she went up the embankment and tipped over.  And if anyone asked what she wanted for her birthday, it was always a bike.

Anyway, outside of the wailing and going on with the bike, Milly was great today.

Amanda’s cousin William is going to Europe when we go too.  He told me he had a fight at the same time as us, leaving and arriving at the same time, but it was with Iberia whereas our was with American.  Well, through a Facebook conversation that included Sarah, Stanton’s girlfriend, we found out that they’re owned by the same company, and that we’ll actually be on the same plane.  So that’s cool.

Zach Dotsey