Today was one of those days where you’re busy taking care of a bunch of things all day long, then you look at the clock and it’s 4:30 and you realize you haven’t even had a chance to work on the main thing you wanted to work on.

To that end, we went out to Brixx for dinner (which Milly requested from Amanda on the way home from dance class and hanging out at Brilliant Sky and getting some froyo) where we met up with the Johnsons), then after we got back I went back to work, breaking to help put Milly to bed and watch President Obama’s address about Syria.

That was pretty much my day.  The big project I’m working on has a lot of options for me to play with, and I intend to make it a very good one.  Because of that I’m doing a lot of tinkering.  That’s taking a while, but once I get the main bit how I want it, it’ll be easy to roll it out on other pages.

Tomorrow is more of the same.  I’ve got several small things lined up already, then the big one, then small group, which will just be me and Nick, as Reece has a meeting and David will be out of town and the girls have their own study they’re doing.

Zach Dotsey