I forgot to mention it, but Milly informed me yesterday morning, after she’d been up for some time and sitting on the couch downstairs, that her blanket was wet.  I thought she must have spilled something on it at first, but as it turns out she had peed in her bed last night and neglected to tell me or Amanda.

The same thing happened this morning, except this time, at around 5AM, she decided to tell us.  I groggily got up, ran a quick bath and stripped her sheets.  She’d thought to change her underwear, but that was before she was cleaned, so that wasted an extra pair.  She spent the rest of the night/early morning with us in our bed and I had a hard time falling fully back asleep.  It wasn’t her fault, I just couldn’t get there, tired as I was.

It’s a bit alarming.  Milly has been fully potty trained for a long time now and it’s been a really long time since she’s wet the bed.  She used to get herself up at night sometimes to take care of it, but that obviously hasn’t happened the last two nights.  I plan on getting her up to pee before I go to bed tonight, just like I used to do when she was training.

I got a lot done on my big project today.  Really I’ve only nailed down the homepage, but I think it looks pretty awesome.  Aside from needing to add an image at the top, that part should be done, and from there it’s mainly just copy/pasting content.

I took Milly to school this morning and picked her up.  Funny enough, on Monday the order was me, Nick then Allison, and today it was Allison, me then Nick.  I guess on Friday it will be Nick, Allison, Amanda.  Or, if that doesn’t work because it’s Amanda dropping her off instead of me, maybe that’ll happen Monday.  It’s just funny that the three of us all get there at the exact same time one after another.

I picked Milly up today too, since Amanda had a birthday lunch for her co-worker Amy.  In between I started my workout and had a few phone meetings.  My workout consisted of half an hour on the elliptical while watching an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man then whatever exercises I felt like doing for the next half hour.  I should probably just focus on one area each day, but today I did some ab work and upper body along with some stretches.

Small group was just me and Nick tonight.  He brought over this awesome giant calzone from Elizabeth’s that we split.  Milly had a bit of it too.  He also had some wings, the leftovers of which Amanda sampled when she got home from ladies’ small group.  Nick and I talked about a few things, watched a video on archaeology and apologetics then discussed the website I set up for him recently.

Today was the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  It was sobering and I spent some time reflecting on it, but I didn’t watch anything about it this year.  I thought about turning on the History Channel, but I just didn’t.

Zach Dotsey