Today was the big day.  Adam Dotsey, my little brother, appeared as “Bugman” on the TV show Wipeout.  For those who don’t know (this would be geared towards all my future readers), Wipeout is a show where contestants run through an insane obstacle course for a chance at $50,000.  People mainly just watch because it’s hilarious to see people get injured.

Anyway, Adam tried out for it and taped it, I don’t know, probably close to a year ago, maybe a few months shy of that.  His episode, one that featured hotties versus nerds, was originally supposed to air last week, which is part of what the camping trip was about, but it got moved back to this week.  We threw a Wipeout party with a few friends to watch it.  Adam had a viewing party at a restaurant down where he lives near Charlotte.  The rest of the family was there and I felt bad that I couldn’t go, but in my defense one sibling lives across town from him and one sibling was staying with my parents this week, who were going down for it.  Plus I think he originally said he was going to be out of town on work.  Anyway.

So yeah, Adam was hilarious.  I’m biased, I’m sure, but I feel like he was featured more than a lot of the other contestants, and he was the funniest, too.  He chose the name “Bugman” because, as they even explained on the show, he breeds bugs to feed to his poison dart frogs.  (He was listed as a nerd, but someone on the Duke board I frequent called him BOTD, or Babe of the Day.)  Before running through the first round, he was wearing a giant cockroach outfit (with a logo I made for him!) and yelled to the camera, “Don’t do drugs, do bugs!  Yeeeah!”  They also showed him hitting on Jill, the host.  WIth that outfit, he definitely stood out the most.

We knew beforehand that Adam got through the first round, but we didn’t know how far he went after that, so I was on the edge of my seat when he made it through the second.  Alas, he didn’t get through the third round, which is a shame because I was really wanting to see him in the Wipeout Zone.  Either way though, I was really proud that he not only got as far as he did (only three out of 24 people make it to the final round, and six to the third), but that he was able to do it at all.  He worked out a lot and trained hard for it.

A lot of people kept posting to social media about him being on there today, particularly Amanda, Erin and I.  Several distant cousins, including some of Amanda’s cousins, did as well.  It was cool seeing all the chatter for him.

So what went on the rest of the day?  I switched from my big project to a smaller one that I mostly knocked out today and ought to have finished tomorrow.  Amanda did some party shopping.

Milly was pretty entertaining this morning.  I was sitting in bed listening to her play with her dolls.  She was speaking for Merida in her ridiculous Scottish accent, then saw her Mulan doll and said, “Nihao, Mulan!”  Yes, she knows to speek Chinese to her Chinese princess doll (actually, Mulan isn’t technically a princess), but she gets her and Pocahontas mixed up all the time.

Then a little after that one of the dolls said something about me, though I’m not sure what.  Something about being afraid of me I think.  Milly assured the doll that I’m nice, but said, “He gets angry when I do that.”  I can only assume “the doll” did something I wouldn’t like.  I never found out what that was.

Amy texted me to see if Milly wanted to go play with Eli and Ada (it’s cool that I can say Eli and Ada and not just Eli now, since Ada’s big enough that she and Milly play some).  I told her I was going to wait and let Milly finish playing.  I waited a bit, then I asked her about it because I was planning on mowing the yard and figured it would be better for her to be out of the house while I did that, but she wanted to keep playing.

So I mowed the lawn and asked her again.  She said not yet.  So I took a shower and asked again.  Then she wanted to take a little rest.  “Three minutes,” she said, though it ended up being ten or so.  Finally she was ready, though it was after 10:30 I think, so she didn’t get to stay over there all that long.

That might not be a bad thing, because it sounds like all the kids got a little feisty with each other.  When I walked in there, in fact, Milly took a toy from Eli (a plate, because she was going to make me some pretend food, even though she’d already given me a Colby Jack cheeseburger).  I told her Eli was playing with it and to give it back, and she finally did after fussing and arguing about it, but she refused to apologize even after I threatened her with the corner, so when we got home, even though she’d calmed down she went in the corner.

Amanda actually picked us up from the Warkentiens’.  We were leaving the Steak with them because they’re currently down a car and had a bit of juggling to do if they were going to make it over for the Wipeout party.  So the whole way home Milly was trying to reason her way out of the corner, which mostly involved the argument that she didn’t like going in the corner.

She was pretty good the rest of the day, although she’d picked up this habit where when we’re telling her something she doesn’t like she’ll constantly say, “But, but, but…” although she says it more like “buit”.  Maybe she picked it up from school, I don’t know, but I’d rather she forget it.

Zach Dotsey