If you missed Adam on Wipeout last night and would like to check it out, here it is on Hulu.  At some point I’d like to edit down a video of just his appearances.

Today was a Friday the 13th and I hardly even realized it.

Amanda took Milly to school today, but she wasn’t right in line with Nick and Allison.  We’ll see if the streak continues for me on Monday.  Milly did have her first school pictures today though.  I think they went well.

I got up shortly before Amanda took Milly and started my workout shortly after Amanda got home.  I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but on Wednesday I started working out some.  I plan to do it on all of Milly’s school days.  I start with 30 minutes on the elliptical (watching something on Nextflix on the iPad, currently episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man), then I work whatever I want to work.  Today that included pull-ups, a good bit of ab work and some shoulders.

Amanda and Milly were gone for a while after Amanda went to pick Milly up.  I finished that smaller site today, so next week it’ll be back to the big one.  Then maybe I can finish up the redesign of my own website.  That would be nice.

Homemade PizzaAmanda got ingredients to make some homemade pizza tonight, so that’s what we had for dinner.  For dessert we had brownies that were left over from last night.  We showed Milly how awesome it was to make brownie sundaes, but she didn’t want to bother with the ice cream.  Brownie sundaes are pretty much the best thing ever, for the record.

We did that while watching Winnie the Pooh then put on Adam’s episode of Wipeout.  We thought about letting her stay up to watch it last night, but it came on an hour after her bedtime, a number of her other friends were here and she had been pretty cranky earlier in the day, very obviously tired.  All that combined with her having school (and pictures) today made us decide to show it to her later.  I had shown Milly a couple clips of Adam’s appearance on “The Olympics” earlier.

In case you’re wondering, Milly often calls Wipeout “the Olympics” or “the silly Olympics” because she started watching the show around the time the last Olympics were on.  Some obstacle course like that ought to be included in the real Olympics.

She went to bed, Amanda and I watched a couple Under the Dome episodes.  Nick’s dropping Eli and Ada off tomorrow because Amy’s doing a wedding and Nick is doing a funeral (there’s something profound in that I’m sure).  Amanda had the idea to do breakfast with them (the kids), so I think we’re having pancakes.

I was planning on playing with the chainsaw I’m borrowing from my dad tomorrow, but that might not happen, and if it doesn’t happen in the morning I probably won’t get around to using it until next weekend.  We’ve got some limbs and large bushes (and some dead trees, though I’m only going after a small one) that need to come down.

Zach Dotsey