I fell asleep downstairs playing on the Xbox last night.  I’ve been doing so much work lately I decided to take a little bit of time for myself.  I heard Milly coming downstairs at 7:00 and she was surprised to see me down there.

I decided to play some more Assassin’s Creed 3, which is what I’d been playing last night, but of course I stayed away from any violent action.  I did get into a couple fights, but I made sure to put the weapons away for those.  Milly kept closing her eyes anyway.  Eventually we went to a house and I let her practice walking around in a 3D environment.  She did better than I expected.

Milly Ada Eli pancakes

Nick dropped Eli and Ada off at our house around 9:00 this morning.  Amy was working and he had a funeral to help with at church.  Amanda made pancakes and eggs.  Eli devoured his.

The kids all played outside for a little bit while Amanda and I walked around the yard discussing where to use the chainsaw I borrowed from my dad.  Maybe I’ll get to that next weekend..

Everyone eventually went inside, where I was trying to finish up a mission I’d paused for breakfast.  The kids all ended up watching me, so again my gameplay was limited.  At least they were entertained.  After I turned that off Milly and Eli wanted to play another game, so I put in College Hoops 2K7 and let them pretend to play.

After that it was just a bunch of playing with each other, although Milly was not in a very sharing mood.  We figured out that she thought if Ada played with something she’d end up taking it home.  Amanda posited that Milly’s fear of Ada taking her stuff may come from the fact that Ada has a lot of Milly’s old clothes, which we point out sometimes when she’s got them on.  Anyway, Milly was ridiculously restrictive in what she was letting Ada play with, but she eventually loosened up.

I watched Duke take on Georgia Tech for a bit.  I was hopeful when Duke looked good on an early drive where they got a touchdown, but that was the last one they had for a long while.  So much of a 3-0 start.

Milly eating a s'moreAmanda had the idea of roasting hot dogs and making s’mores for dinner.  We  had a lot of old limbs and such in the burn pile, so we did just that.  The wood had been there a while though, and it burned very hot and very fast.  We ended up roasting the weenies on embers, which did a great job and they tasted really good, but it took a while longer than we expected.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I, having no shows to watch, watched The Details on Netflix.  It was quirky yet heavy towards the end.  I personally felt like I was going crazy along with Tobey Maguire’s character.  I think we both liked it, though I could see where it would be a bit weird for some people.

Zach Dotsey