Today was mostly a normal day. I heard the boys stirring at about a quarter past six. The twins insisted on turning on the light in the room before they left it, as they sometimes do. I didn’t turn on the overhead light, which is what they were looking to, but the light on their dresser, which is hooked up to Alexa. I often wonder how much they’ll mess with that once they’re old enough to give it coherent commands.

I kinda dove in on Alexa-enabled devices last year. We’ve got Echoes in all the bedrooms, the living room, and the playroom. I was going to get another one when they had a 99¢ deal when you sign up for Amazon Music, but I missed it. I’d like to put one in the hallway bathroom to do things like timers and play music.

I’ve got a Netgear Orbi satellite on the way. It’ll extend our wifi mesh network out into the backyard a good bit, as right now it ends just past the backdoor. I just checked the tracking on that thing. It was originally supposed to be here Friday, but now they’re saying by the end of the day tomorrow. So far the thing has gone from California to Kernersville, which is about three hours from here, then back west to New Mexico, which I must admit I do not understand.

As Tristen was leaving for work this morning I told the boys, as I pretty much always do, to tell their Mama “I love you.” Phoenix muttered “Ah vu,” so he’s at least learning.

The boys all mostly ate their breakfast today. We had a Costco box of Eggos which I air fry and put honey on, but they seemed over those the last couple times I gave them to them. Instead of giving each of them a whole one, I just fixed two and split those up along with some clementines and these little healthy blueberry muffin things. To my shock and surprise, they were all eaten. Phoenix and Griffin asked for more while Fawkes took his time. He started later too, as I discovered when I picked him up to take him to the table that he had enough of a mess in the back of his pants that I needed to take him to the shower.

I pushed Griffin’s nap back to 10:50. Fawkes and Phoenix went down at 12:20, which woke Griffin up, but given how much time he’d been down that wasn’t unexpected.

When the twins got up from their nap they made a detour to Milly’s room, as they do sometimes. Of course I told them she wasn’t home right now, but that didn’t stop them from wanting to sit on her couch and have me turn the LED lights I hooked up to her bed a few years ago (that Tristen more recently reattached) to blue.

There’s this thing I came up with for them a good bit back now, but I called it “Charge it up.” It’s like a first bump, but you hold the fists together and build up kind of shaking them against each other along with a noise build-up until it explodes. I was doing that with all three of them at once today and jumping backwards when it blew up, which they all thought was hilarious.

After they were all up and whatnot I took them outside to play for a bit until I realized what time it was and that Griffin was due an attempt at another nap. He actually went down and slept for a while, though I’m not sure how long since I left the house a little while after Tristen got home.

She’d found a set of beds on Craigslist that could be stacked into a bunk bed or set up separately. Funny enough, it’s the exact same bed set my brother Adam and I had growing up. It’s sturdy and allows for a lot of adaptation, so I told her I’d let her decide whether to get it or not. And that’s how I ended up driving to Wrightsville Beach this afternoon. The couple we bought the beds from were very nice. I wore a mask when loading up the car though, to be safe and respectful.

In other buying and selling furniture online news, a guy came by and picked up the recliner we had in the boys’ room this evening. Didn’t quite cover the cost of the beds, but every little bit, you know?

Tristen completely handled bath time this evening to let me get some work done. I didn’t even notice what time it was when I heard her talking to the boys about getting out of the tub. It was nice of her to do that.

Milly went swimming at Paige and Tim’s house (that’s her cousins’ grandparents’ house). Paige had some very kind things to say about Milly in responding to the blog post link I posted yesterday.

Oh, I also updated the look of this website. There’s a new page builder and theme I’ve been using and really enjoying, plus I wanted to make sure everything was compatible with the latest version of PHP, so I figured I’d piddle around with it a bit to help familiarize myself with it. I’m pretty pleased with all the customization I’ve done.

What do you think?