One of my clients had asked about doing a video meeting today. I told him I had spent part of my day doing hurricane prep  I told him:

I wasn’t sure what my day would look like with the hurricane prep. Not that we’re too worried about a Cat 1, but we needed to stock up and bit, get the yard in order, that sort of thing.

His response:

I love NC.
“Only a Cat 1.”

Tristen went in to work at the usual time, but they had already rescheduled their patients so she just did some prep work for a while then hit up Target for some supplies.

I put some work in on a couple websites then decided I should mow the lawn. I had planned to do it when we got home Saturday, but it rained shortly after we got back from visiting my parents.

Then I was going to mow yesterday, but Tristen persuaded me to wait until the evening because it was a pretty hot day, but we had dinner at her mom’s house and the boys needed washing and putting to bed when we got back, and then I wouldn’t have time to finish before dark.

And I really wanted to mow before the storm. Some of the grass was getting towards knee high.

So I mowed. Then I came back in and worked some more then helped with the boys.

A second cousin of mine, Matt, from the taller strain of Dotseys, died. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I saw a few Facebook mentions of it having happened. I don’t think I ever met him, but it still hits home because our familial relation isn’t really all that far apart and there aren’t all that many Dotseys out there, really. He was 47, so he wasn’t even very old and no older than I am from my brother, Adam.

Hurricane Isaias

(ee-sah-EE-ahs, since nobody has any idea how to say it)

It started off raining a little bit this morning, so I decided to log the day pertaining to the hurricane in an ongoing Facebook thread. You can click on it below here and read through it if you like.


To sum up the highlights of the Facebook post: Power’s going in and out, we’ve got a couple branches down in the backyard, but someone we know (it’s the Romeros) had a branch poke through their bathroom ceiling and a section of fence come down.

Anyway, the Hurricane Isaias made landfall at Ocean Isle, which is a bit southwest of here. Our power keeps going in and out, but it’s mostly staying on. For now.

Milly is at her mom’s boyfriend’s house because he has a generator. I texted as bit with her earlier. She was playing Minecraft with Mike’s daughter and a friend of hers, although they lost power at some point (Mike was about to turn on the generator)

Milly asked me “Is it normal that I’m feeling like, super on edge?”

I tried to reassure her by telling her that it is natural to feel anxious about a hurricane, but that a Category 1 hurricane is really just a big storm.

The boys have done fine so far. They were all in bed and asleep before it started getting windy. Phoenix woke up and was upset, probably because the night light was off. Tristen turned it back on (thought it’s sure to go back out again) and he settled right back down.