Normally when my title is about a specific thing, I’ll make the main image that thing too. I don’t really have a great picture of the little Griffin garden yet though.


Watched Jumanji The Next Level


I got up with the kids, didn’t nap until noon

Nonny brought plants, I dug holes, planted some bushes and trees where we planted a failed magnolia with Griffin’s placenta. Hopefully this one will work better.

Met Petya, Mira, and Piper at Wrightsville Beach park. Planned to go to the beach, but it was too chilly and windy for that. Joey’s been doing some work in town so the rest of his fam came down for the weekend.

Planned to get some takeout Indochine for dinner, but it took a lot longer than expected so we ended up with Elizabeth’s Pizza.


Met Palieris for breakfast at Cast Iron. Service was great, food wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. Not bad, but we’d heard so much about how amazing the breakfast is.

Palieris left and we took the kids to Smith Creek Park, saw some Millards.

Mowed the lawn.

Tristen and Torrie sorted stuff for a consignment sale.

My phone screen got damaged, the badness of which has gone back and forth. Was planning on waiting for the iPhone 12 to come out (I have a 7) because I want the 5G internet, but the screen’s getting worse so I’ll probably just end up replacing the screen. Hopefully I can hold out for a month or so until the phone comes out, but I doubt it.