Pregnancy Week 14

So apparently week fourteen is the official start of the second trimester.  During the fourteenth week the babies start growing at different rates, so from here on out we’ll be talking generalities. This week, little Pistachio is about the size of a fist and is starting to straighten out some and beginning to look more like a regular baby.  The neck is lengthening and s/he should start growing hair, both on top of the head and on the eyebrows.  Lanugo is growing in too.  Lanugo is a coating of hair that acts like a blanket to keep the baby warm.  Babies usually shed it by the time they’re born.

Pregnancy Week 13

Little Pistachio has now grown to about three inches long with that giant head being about half of it.  The intestines have grown in from the umbilical cord and are working their way to where they’re supposed to be and the kid’s starting to develop vocal cords.  Hopefully it will have its mama’s singing voice.

Small Group at Flaming Amy’s

We had small group at Flaming Amy’s tonight.  It was a nice time to get everyone together before Thanksgiving and just hang out.  The ladies all sat at one end of the table and talked about whatever they were talking about and us guys sat at the other end and talked about sports and music. There wasn’t a whole lot going on today.  My baby sister, Andra Sawyer, called and told me that her husband, Josh Sawyer, was unable to get Friday off so they were heading to our parents’ house in Rougemont this evening instead of tomorrow.  If we’d been told earlier Amanda and I could have gone ahead and packed up and maybe left after small group tonight, …

Pregnancy Crazies

About a month ago I was warned of the pregnancy crazies by Rich Biagini, whom I sometimes see out at Wrightsville Beach surfing and also plays the keyboard in the Port City Church band.  I proudly told him that my wife hadn’t suffered from the pregnancy crazies yet, but that was before today.  As I noted yesterday, sweet little Pistachio is now producing hormones, and I think they’re affecting his/her mother. So tonight we’re sitting on the couch, watching TV.  Amanda’s favorite show is How I Met Your Mother, and when the theme song comes on a couple minutes into the show she always belts it out: “Ba, babababa, ba ba ba ba, da da, ba dadadadadada da da!”  Sometimes, …

The Start of the Second Trimester

The second trimester starts today, or is that technically at the end of this week?  Having just recently seen the baby doctor we know that the heartbeat is fine.  Looking in What to Expect When You’re Expecting we find that sweet little Pistachio is about two and a half inches, about the size of a large plum.  Most of the baby’s systems are now formed, which is amazing to me, and the digestive system is starting to contraction movements to develop so the baby can eat once it’s in the world.  It’s also making white blood cells and the pituitary gland is making hormones.  That part could be trouble in fifteen years or so. Amanda and I went to Port …